Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Road Trip Thoughts

We are a road trippin' family. Nate's family is. My family is. And now we are. Harrison understands this fact and has always been an excellent traveler (planes too!). Elizabeth, not so much. She cried (not full out crying the entire time, just general fussing) about 80% of the time on our way to Utah. At one point, she kept crying for Daddy, so calling him on the cell phone did the trick for a few minutes.
This is her after she woke up from her 45 minute nap (yes, only slept 45 minutes out of the 9 hour drive). My sister Katy was dancing and Elizabeth put up her dancing finger (think John Travlota) and just kind of held it there in a daze for several minutes. It was so funny.
Harrison slept, watched movies, talked (a lot) and sang (a lot). Mostly "All Star" (from Shrek), and "There is nothing to tough, nothing to tough, nothing to tough for us" (from Backyardigans) over and over. It was pretty cute. Harrison also reminded us to say a prayer before we left (sometimes he does this before a simple trip to Wal-Mart, funny kid). He said it and it was perfect. Too sweet.
The drive home was interesting. My dad, bless his heart, loves taking the scenic route. Even when a vomiting 11 year-old and an 18 month old who hates road trips are involved. So we took Highway 40 all the way back and got to drive through every little town between Utah and Colorado. I told my Dad he must have really related to the movie Cars and "The cutest little town in Carburetor County," that got neglected once the big highway was built. I must admit that it was a prettier drive, but until Elizabeth learns that she is part of a family that likes road trips, we'll be taking I-70, thank you very much. At least poor Katy saved all of her barfing for when we stopped and just slept most of the time. We did have to stop for her to "stretch her legs," so she got out and writhed around in the grass at a random cemetery. So, so pathetic.

I was grateful I had already had my turn with the flu. Thankfully Elizabeth did a really great job until about 5 PM, then she fussed the rest of the way home (3 1/2 more hours). All in all, it was a fun trip and better than last year when my Dad insisted on driving Highway 1 in CA. I was car sick the entire trip and Harrison threw up all over himself and the car seat at one point. We do laugh about it now.


SUP3RH3R0 said...

Highway 1 has to be done is short burst or else it will make you sick. I got motion sickness for the first time when our family drove Highway 1 back to the bay area from So Cal.

Megan B said...

45 minute nap in a 9 hour trip? You have my great admiration :) We have a bunch of cheesy kid CD's that the kids seem to like listening to when we travel. If you listen to them often enough, they start to grow on you!