Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blog-lifted Beach Week

It's somewhat of tradition now that I just blog-lift my sister-in-law's beach week posts. I always say I'm going to do my own and never do. So this year, let it be known that this is all you're gonna get as far as a report from beach week goes. In fact, at the rate I'm going, this could be all you get for a while!!!

It was another wonderful week at the beach. Well, other than Johnny's screeching that Kate mentions in her post. He's outgrown that, thankfully! He did an awful lot of screeching, and crying and making me a nervous wreck around the ocean and pool. I was longing for trips past and future in which all my kids could swim and I could relax!!! Harrison has always LOVED the water, so he was endlessly entertained, as evidenced by his crazy dark tan. Elizabeth could swim this year, which was so nice. If she wasn't swimming she was having a blast with Gwen and Emi. Being with my family was so fun. We ate and relaxed and ate and swam and ate and played games and ate and read and ate and watched some great TV and ate. My kind of vacation! In fact, I could use a little of that right now!

Click here for Kate's beach week post:
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