Friday, February 20, 2009

Sick and Tired

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired (and having kids who are too)
Let's sum up this week since I got sick on Monday, noon-thrity-ish
(yes, it came on that suddenly)
Times I've left the house: 2
Total amount of time gone: 3 1/2 hours
Times showered: 1
Lounge outfits worn: 5 (I keep thinking that the ones from yesterday have germs on them and I might reinfect myself -- I guess this logic doesn't pertain to the germs living on my body that I have not washed off. . .)
Days Harrison went to school: 1
Nights I've been in bed by 8 PM: 2
Mornings I've stayed in bed past 8 AM: 5
Times I had to call Kaiser to try to get appointments: 3
Key word: TRY -- apparently Kaiser not only forbids patients from directly calling the Dr's office and making an appt., they also decide for you on the phone whether or not you're really sick enough to warrant an office visit. (Maybe when I feel better I'll be grateful they saved me two co-pays plus a prescription or two, but I kind of like the "You've suffered for 5 days? By all means, let's get you on an antibiotic" approach.)
Times I took 2 tsp. of Nyquil instead of 2 tbsp. and lay there wondering why I wasn't sleepy and why my fever wasn't breaking: 1
Really fun birthday parties thrown in my honor: 1 (more on that later)
Time I've asked Harrison to stop terrorizing Elizabeth: Whatever at least once every 5 minutes times 5 days is
Hours we've watched TV/Movies: Way too many to count, it's really quite sad
Highest Temperatures: Harrison 104.4, Me: 103.7, Elizabeth: 101.7 (or was it 102.7? That was Sunday and it's all becoming a blur)
Things I've checked off my huge to do list (that's in my head) for New Beginning's that is in 5 days: 0
Real meals I've prepared for my poor family: 0
Pounds lost due to having NO appetite (that's when I REALLY know I'm sick): 3
I guess there are some perks.
Cutest things Harrison said about sickness:
-"Mommy, you can't go to your party, you'll get all your friends sick." (Hopefully not true - I prayed for a miracle). "Remember to cover your mouth if you cough. . . a few minutes later. . . Mommy, don't forget all the things I told you and be nice to your friends."
-In a prayer: "Please bless Mommy to get feeling better and please bless me to be able to take care of everyone in my family."
Sorry for the pity party.
Arg, why won't Blogger put the spaces in my post???

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

Valentine's Day has always been a favorite of mine because 1)it's so close to my b-day 2)it's all about love 3)I love hearts and red and pink 4) I love candy and chocolate!

Side Note: Remember growing up that a select few kids dropped a conversation heart or two into the envelope of their Valentine or taped a piece of chocolate on the outside? It's crazy how it has come to a whole new level. Now it's the norm to have candy and usually more than just some little thing. I would have LOVED that when I was a kid.

Oh and my kids had all of Harrison's Valentine candy from school eaten by 7 AM the following morning. Nice breakfast.

Anyway, I got a nice waffle maker from Williams & Sonoma for my wedding, but being the forward thinker that I am, I exchanged it for the heart shaped one. Now we get to have heart waffles for Valentine's Breakfast (or any other time we feel like having waffles). This year, I also added homemade buttermilk vanilla syrup to the tradition. (If you've ever had breakfast at Magleby's Fresh, it's that recipe. I had tried to figure it out several times (to no avail) and then my friend Shauna had it and I was thrilled!) I put red food coloring in the syrup and it was a big hit!

We tried pouring it on and then decided it'd be better to dip it in! (Thanks Kell, for the heart ramekins!)
For lunch, Harrison got heart shaped sandwiches which he really loved! Harrison had fun at his first ever Primary activity, which was a Valentine's Day Party. We've either been out of town or spaced the other ones, even though he's been in for over a year.

And for Valentine's Dinner our tradition is to get a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's. We realized this year that we have about out grown getting only one pizza.

At dinner we exchanged cards and little surprises for everyone. For the record, I got a carton of mint chip ice cream and will be getting Twilight when it comes out on DVD (my idea). Nate got a book that with fun date ides for us to do (kind of a selfish gift, I know, but we really need to work on dating more!) and some silly stuff from the dollar store. Harrison got a PowerRangers coloring book and Elizabeth got pink, red and white headbands that she refuses to wear (I guess they will be mine until she comes around).

We also have this tradition that Nate started of making each other homemade cards for b-days, V-day, and Mother's/Father's Day. He does his on the computer (and they are always clever and funny) and I usually do mine crafty-like. I've done a few on the computer, but I'm not very good at it. This year, mind opened backwards and the inside was upside down, despite that fact that I truly tried to think it out and get it right. I just left it because I figured it was good reflection of my lack of computer skills. Nate was cute and asked if it was a Japanese card (their books open the opposite way of ours!) Too bad we didn't get a picture of me and my Valentine together. He's pretty cute.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reflections of a Decade

On this the eve of my 30th birthday, I have a head full of memories and a heart full of love. Mostly, because Kelly, my BFF (it sounds so middle school, but means so much more), sent me the sweetest, most thoughtful gift ever. She and Nate were in cahoots to track down 30 friends and have them write a memory and a recipe for a cookbook since anyone who knows me well knows that 1) I love to cook and 2) I have the memory of an elephant.

I could not stop smiling, laughing out loud, slighty tearing up at points, and feeling special as I read what my friends had to say. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all involved and to those who didn't respond in time, were not able to be tracked down, or may have been accidentally overlooked by Nate (he provided the bulk of the list), let's just hope I live a really long time and you can contribute to a future project :)

Reading all those memories made me want to give every one great big hugs (accept Marlene, because one of my memories of her is that she wasn't as comfortable with affection as I was). I LOVE all of my friends and am SO thankful for the influence you've had in my life and for all the good times we've had.

Unfortunately, in reading through the memories, I had a realization that I'm not as fun as I used to be. Or maybe I'm a different kind of fun. I used to be CRAZY fun. Nate said he'll take some of the blame for squelching some of the silliness out of me. I guess I also just grew up. But sometimes I feel like an old fuddy duddy and I don't like that. Don't get me wrong, I can still get silly and crazy sometimes, but I think one of the goals of my 30's will be to bring back the fun more!

I was thinking that the 20's were a decade that held TONS of changes. The most life changes of any decade, probably. Graduating college, getting married, starting (and ending) a career, having two kids, buying two homes, moving twice, having my first pretty big callings. I am predicting that the 30's won't be nearly as eventful. It will be raising the kids I've got and adding a few more to the mix. I'm sure it will be great and hopefully I'LL change a lot (because heaven knows I need to). I guess that really is my hope for my 30's, now that LIFE is done changing a ton, I hope that I can really focus on changing MYSELF into even more of the person I want to be. Don't get me wrong, I quite like myself, there's just 4 or 5 areas that need lots of work!

Anyway, thinking about this last year of my 20's, I'd say some of the highlights are:

-I re-entered the wonderful world of earrings (I know, I'm starting with a really life-changing one, huh?) On my b-day last year Nate was out of town, so I cleaned out my bathroom and found all sorts of cute earrings. I was sad that I hadn't worn earrings since we'd gotten married because my ears were really sensitive and I thought mostly closed up. I found a pair that were for sensitive ears so I put those in and left them for over a month. Then I started to experiment with trying different kinds of earrings and now I am 100% able to wear whatever earrings I want. For a girl who really loves to accessorize, this has been quite exciting.

-I took up and then pretty much gave up running. You can read all about this truly astonishing turn of events in old posts of this blog. I am still amazed I ran that 5K. I don't think I could do it now unless someone had a gun to my head, but I am SO glad I did it. For the record, the reason I stopped was that I got TERRIBLE neck pain in December and started going to the chiropractor and he said that with my scoliosis, running is the worst possible thing I could do for my back and neck. What can I say, Dr.'s orders. So now when and if I go to the gym, I do the elliptical. (Taking better care of myself physically is one of those 5 areas that I need to work on).

-I started this blog! And this, my friends, has brought an extreme amount of joy to my life. Not only in keeping a record of important events (and sometimes not so important events) and funny things my kids say, but also in getting back in touch with so many old friends and getting to know current friends on a different level. I love to read about the things going on in your lives. I recently noticed that checking blogs is like a drug to me (this actually worries me a little). I feel the strong urge to do it often and it always makes me feel better and more relaxed. I guess there are a lot worse addictions that I could have.

I had hoped that two of the highlights of my 29th year would be that I finally got my house in order, and stopped losing my patience with my kids. But alas, I still struggle with those (much to the disappointment of my mother who excels in the house cleaing area and did much better than me in the patience area too). Maybe by the time I'm 40. Or 31 (I guess I could expect a little more of myself!)

So, I'm headed to bed to continue on my birthday celebration tomorrow. It really started last Friday with a fierce 5 layer chocolate cake that my friend Erin made. Then there was another cake on Sunday with Nate's family. The festivities continue with a special breakfast in the morning, a facial, and then dinner to a surprise place Nate picked out for tomorrow. He keeps teasing me that it's Panda Express, but I know they don't take reservations and ours is for 5:30. There's also a party planned for next week. This is going to be almost two full weeks of birthday celebration. Wow. I'm feeling the love.

Thank you in advance to everyone for making this a very special birthday for me. I am so blessed to have wonderful friends and family. I LOVE YOU ALL! So much.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Recession Hurts

Christmas 2005Christmas 2008
I finally realized where Nathan had put all of the pictures from Christmas. When I saw this one, it reminded me of the one of Harrison from 3 years before (same jammies!)

I great blogger knows how to edit and that less is more, so would stop right there. But I am not a less is more kind of a girl. I am more of a blabbering, stream of consciousness kind of girl. So seeing Harrison's owie in the above picture reminded me of another commonality between these two Christmases.
We tend to have pre-Christmas accidents when we're at Obaachan and Ojiichan's house. Christmas Eve of '05 Harrison was in the shower with me and slipped on the wet tile and busted open his eyebrow. Nate's Dad made it even easier for me to avoid the ER by saying "Just let him have a nice scar, he'll look like a samurai." And since he's a boy, I was okay with that. As much as I hate the ER, I probably would have taken him in if he were a girl. Eyebrows are much more important for girls. And samurai isn't really the look we're going for!

Anyway, this year each child had their own personal Christmas injury. Elizabeth was very interested in the stockings and tried to get one down herself. Now we know that those weighted, metal stocking holders (with very pointy corners) are not meant to hold 20+ pounds.

Sadly, her forehead took the brunt of this lesson. Okay, it really looked much worse in person! Thank goodness for "ice" (or frozen sesame seeds). She wanted these on her forehead for days afterwords.

Harrison's accident was also caused by impatience and over zealousness for Christmas things! His was not stockings, but cookies for Santa.

He was really excited to smell the cookies when they came out of the oven. Even though I had just warned him that the cookie sheet was still VERY hot, he got too close and burned his chin on the rim. I actually didn't even realize it had happened (he probably didn't cry because he knew he hadn't listened!) until I noticed that he kept rubbing his chin and asked me if my chin hurt. Then I saw the blister. Which eventually scabbed over, as you can see here. Over a month later, there's still a faint scar. "Santa" really enjoyed the cookies, but I don't know it that's worth it! I guess it just adds to the Samurai look.

So, short and to the point might not be my forte, but at least I thought of a title that pulls it all together, right? :)