Sunday, January 15, 2012

As Promised

Why have I just discovered my newest sister-in-law's blog? Well, she did a post about our beach trip, which I know is like so mid-2011, but I did promise that any blog post I found containing anything to do with us would be copied and pasted here. And heaven knows I will likely never do my own beach posts, so here is another blog-lifted beach post from a different perspective.

Side Note: My kids are hilarious. Just today they have each cracked me up.

Harrison at dinner when I said anyone who eats a strip of bell pepper will get a quarter. "Mom, that is not very motivating for me." (He's 7)

Elizabeth at church while I was holding her and rubbing her back and I asked if she could tell how much I loved her said, "Yes, but I'm not positive or negative that I love you." Also when Nate commented that my outfit looked a lot like something a friend at church would wear (quite a compliment in opinion) Elizabeth said, "Except that she always has on a little yellow. Like yellow shoes or a yellow necklace." It's true, this friend does wear lots of yellow accents. Crazy that my 5 year old would notice that.

Johnny has added to his knock knock joke repertoire. Thus far it's just been "Knock, knock." We say, "Who's there?" He says, "Cow." We say, "Cow who?" He says, "Moo!" Well as of this morning he has added "Monkey/Ooh, ooh, ahh, ahh" and "Frog/Ribbit." We've never even taught him that a frog says ribbit. I think he learned it from his favorite show that he requests in his best DJ Lance voice "Yoooo Ga Ga." But seriously, how many not-even-two-year-olds do you know that make up and tell knock knock jokes? Glad to see we've got another entertaining extrovert on our hands. Really don't know what we'd do with a shy kid!

Ok, don't forget the link about the beach! Quick, someone else blog something about us so I don't have to!