Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hilarious Harrison

He is killing me today (oops, I shouldn't say kill). Especially just now while he was helping me do the dishes. He is just learning to put the clean silverware away out of the dishwasher and he was rambling on and on the whole time we were working (takes after me). Here are some of the best snippets.

H- "Mommy, if Elizabeth breaks my new stuff that I got from the library I'm going to be very upset. We're going to have to go back to California and take her back to the hospital."
M- "You don't take babies back to the hospital. Once you bring them home, you have them forever."
H-"But some of my friends don't have babies. Does Logan have a baby?"
H-"Okay, his daddy needs to get this knife and poke his mommy in the finger like this and then she will be bleeding and have to go to the hospital and then they can get a baby."

If only it were that easy!

H- "Don't worry, Mommy. Laman won't come and take away our baby sister, because he's killed. And bad guys aren't real. They're pretend. They can't come out of books."

I decided not to try to explain that that bad guy was real, I figured it was better to let him stay comforted by the fact that bad guys in books can't come out and get you.

H- "If Elizabeth messes up my jobses (everything that ends in s gets and extra es added), the police will have to come get her and take her to another family."

I guess that was his next best solution once he heard that taking her back to the hospital wasn't an option, and that Laman's dead. And why am I not more disturbed that he is spending so much energy trying to figure out ways to get rid of her? I guess because he's so darn hilarious in the process. And knowing him, the minute she wakes up from her nap he's going to give her hugs and say, "I love her." Plus at the park today he kept warning other kids, "Don't run into my baby sister."

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Melissa said...

That is hilarious! I am totally laughing. Don't kids say the best things?