Friday, December 9, 2011

The Pattern Continues

I told y'all if anyone posted anything relevant to me I would snatch it up and put it on this here blog. Thank goodness some people in my life have not fallen off the blog bandwagon like I have, so that there can occasionally be activity on here. My best friend, Kelly, just posted about our latest get together, which took place at The Y. Before I give you the link, here are my thoughts.

1) The longer I'm away from BYU the more I love it. I enjoyed going there (although some of the darkest days of my life were there too), but the older I get the more obsessed and compulsed I get about my kids going there. Hence, taking the children to BYU as much as possible for the indoctrination process to really take affect. Taking them to BYU sporting events, buying them BYU paraphernalia, getting them treats at the bookstore candy counter, taking them bowling at the Wilk. It's a calculated plan, people.

2) Why do I want them to go there so bad? Honestly, I was thinking about it the other day and I realized it's because I made some of the best friends of my life there. I have talked to people who hated BYU and the difference between our experiences is that they didn't have great friends. I truly think the friends you have in any stage of life can make it or break it for you and thankfully I had friends that made it for me. I'm sure I could have met amazing people wherever I went, but I wouldn't have met Kelly or Reyna or Sarah or (man, I shouldn't start naming names) and I wouldn't be the same if they weren't part of my life.

3) I noticed on this last trip that my increasing love for BYU is directly proportional to my increasing hatred toward the U. I didn't really have strong feelings against the U while I went to BYU. I only know a handful of people who went to the U and I adore them all. But I feel it is my moral obligation as a Cougar to hate those Utes. Hate is a strong word, especially for a Cougar. Let's say despise. And not really the Utes per say, as much as the institution itself, of which I know nothing about. Basically, I'm admitting that I blindly despise the University of Utah because I feel like I should. When I see that red, my blue blood starts to boil just a little. I guess that's what a rivalry is all about.

3) I was astounded that I agreed to eat at J Dog's. It was Nate's idea and he assured me that I would like it. I do not eat hot dogs. Ever. But I do eat Polish sausage, occasionally. Let's be clear that there is a vast difference between the two. It still scared me though, because it had a lot of the same properties as a hot dog. I just kept telling myself that it was not a hot dog. Honestly, I don't exactly know what hot dogs taste like, but this thing was delicious. I could only finish half because it gave me a horrendous stomach ache. But it was delicious, nonetheless.

4) The highlight of the visit for me was when we crammed into Kelly's van to drive back from J Dog's to campus (about a block). Nate was taking the rental car to Price to trade it out for a van (We hit a deer on the way to UT and had to get a rental until today, actually. See how I'm using these posts to get in little bits of information?) Anyway, this left me car less so we all crammed into the van and I sat shotgun with Kelly on my lap. Now if putting a few too many people into a car just to avoid a little extra walking doesn't bring back memories from the good old days of college, I don't know what will.

5) I had to hold myself back from obnoxiously screaming out one of our old shenanigans when I first saw Kelly at the bookstore. Man, we had some fun times back then. I'm sure our fellow students at the time were not enjoying our antics nearly as much as we were, but they probably didn't make a best friend for life in the process either. Love you so much, Kell Belle! It was so good to see you and your darling kids!

6) My face is excessively red in one of the pictures because I was blushing about something. I do not think of myself as one who gets embarrassed easily, but someone needs to tell the blood vessels in my face that because I blush like crazy over things that are not that big of a deal.

7) Don't ask why my children are incapable of making normal faces in pictures. I really do not know.

This is why I don't blog anymore, because I get on here and I ramble and stay up way too late cracking myself up with my pontificating.

Anyway, here's the link: