Friday, August 1, 2008

SYTYCD Week 7 & 8

I've lost my passion for blogging about SYTYCD, but I may as well finish out the season.

Last Week's Favorite
Katee & Twitch's Door Dance by Mia

Mary's Off the Wall Comment of the Week:
Knock knock - Who's there? - 2 - 2 who? - 2 of the best dancers we've had on this show.
My 4 years old tells better knock-knock jokes than that.

I was shocked to see Will go home, lots of people had him picked to win. Although I must say he way overdid it that night. He was totally exaggerating all of his head movements and trying too hard. I loved his James Brown solo and hated the solo he went out on. He was doing some sort of Asian thing and it didn't work.

This Week's Favorites
Katee & Joshua's Contemporary to All By Myself by Tyce
Courtney & Mark's Funky Contemporary by Sonya (mohawk girl)

Thank you Joshua for getting your braces off in time for us to see. Your teeth look amazing!

If I had a bum like Chelsie's I'd b every tempted to show it all the time. Thank goodness I was blessed with a bum I like to keep covered up!

I am sad to see Chelsie and Mark go home. At this point I would be sad to see any of them go. I thought Mark went out on a great solo (suspenders) and Chelsie's solos are what probably got her kicked off. It's hard to solo when you're specialty is ballroom, but some people have pulled it off way better than her (namely Benji and all of his relatives). She is a fabulous dancer though and oh so gorgeous. I also love that most of the girls this season have curves and aren't anorexic looking.

I loved the group number to The Rose last night. It's so great to see a happy, light, uplifting number that isn't seductive. Not that I mind those too much, but still, it's a nice change.

I think I'd like to see Katee or Twitch win it. I might be pulling for Katee a little more because she's a girl and she's half-Asian, both of which have special places in my heart. Okay, so I'm sexist and racist. She's also the most talented over-all dancer they have left and I don't think I've seen anything from her that I didn't love.

This is very depressing that the season is almost over. And American Idol doesn't start until January. What's a competition show junkie to do for the next 5 months? I don't think Project Runway alone will get me through it. Oprah, come back! Lost, The Office, I need you too! Thank goodness I'll also have Breaking Dawn to entertain me for a few days too. (But I have to finish this other 600 hundred page book for our Annual Family Beach Book Club - thanks a lot, Kat!)


Melissa said...

Hey, Dancing With the Stars starts the end of September. And what about the Olympics? You'll find plenty to watch to keep you satisfied :)

Jenni C. said...

You noticed Chelsie's bum too. Wow!! It IS amazing...I was thinking that same thing. I didn't really notice it until her little red get-up. I think I want Joshua or Katee to win. I think Joshua is a better overall dancer than Twitch. I wasn't super impressed with him on Wed. I too am sad to see any of them go, they are all so good.

I'm coming home tomorrow, so I'll see you on Monday morning bright and early for the gym...5:40. I really need it!! I haven't done much of anything since I've been here. Only two bike rides and the 10K. I feel lazy and I've been eating TERRIBLE!!! It's been GREAT!! I'm ready to get back at it though.
Talk to you soon!

Jenni C. said...


If you bought the Breaking Dawn book, can I be the first in line to read it. Maybe while you are on vaca??

Kayli said...

Hey Michelle, so I'm a blog stocker, and thanks to Nate I found your blog this morning. Your kids are so adorable and so big! I was sad that we missed you at Brent's wedding but that's okay because Nate has invited all of us up to visit you sometime, so we'll have to take you up on the offer! Anyway Andy and I are both obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance and we are sad that it's ending too! Well check out our blog sometime,