Monday, June 29, 2009

I've Been Busy

Wow, did I ever fall off the face of the blogging planet.

It may not appear that I am so busy on days like today, as I lay on the couch and watch TV/sleep all day, but believe me, I am. I'm busy building a new baby inside my belly. That's right people, we're expecting #3 on February 7th. I know it's pretty soon to tell (8 weeks), but I have never been one to keep it secret for too long. And I had my first official barf fest today, so I figure, I earned the right to tell the world. I've been nauseous for 2 weeks, but today was the worst so far.

If I seem cranky, lazy, or mellow, you'll know why. Or shall I say, extra cranky and extra lazy. My poor family gets the brunt of it. Harrison told me the other day, "Mommy, you're so mean to me everyday." Now that was about the most heartbreaking, but unfortunately true, thing I had ever heard. I have been trying much harder since then to overcome my tired, queasy, hormone-infested self and be nicer. We haven't told them yet, I figure it's a really long time to wait for a little kid. I have just told them that Mommy doesn't feel good.

Just to make myself feel a little better about my little boy, in the last couple of weeks he's also told me, "You're the best Mommy in the whole wide world," "You're the most gorgeous Mommy in the whole wide world," and asked, "How come you know everything, Mommy?" Oh how I wish all those things were true and even more so, I hope he remembers all of those feelings more than the mean Mommy feelings.

I really am excited about having another baby, it's just hard to remember that in this yucky part. It should pass in another month or two.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Cut-Cut Game

Almost every mother I know has had a child cut their own hair, I just thought it would never happen to me. Just like I thought my babies wouldn't come out looking like aliens when they were born. Why would I put it past my child who has decorated my carpet with red nail polish, stuck two beads in her ear, smeared Aquafor all over the keyboard of Nate's beloved piano (Honey, it happened months ago, and my hour of cleaning with toothpicks was so effective, you didn't even notice. Just yesterday you confirmed that you love the way it plays. I'm explaining myself on the off chance that you actually read this post!), played in her own poop, and been the culprit of countless other catastrophes?

Obviously I am in denial of the possibility of my children looking ugly.

But they did look like aliens when they were born. And she did butcher her bangs. Okay, I'm kind of exaggerating. I've actually seen much, much worse. But still, I'm bummed about it. Especially because I've been growing them out and loving her new look, sans bangs.

Right when my visiting teachers arrived yesterday morning, I looked at Elizabeth and thought, "Why does she look a little crazier than usual?" Then it hit me, "Did you cut your bangs?!!?" She said yes, and then I lost it and embarrassed myself in front of those poor ladies just trying to do their duty. On the 7th, I might add (quite impressive).

So after they left, I made a quick phone call to one of my fashion consultants who helped me decide to try to turn them into "swoop" bangs.

Some of you may have heard a story from my past which would lead you to believe that hair cutting is not exactly my forte. And believe you me, if I'm using thinning shears, it's really not. I do slightly better with normal hair cutting scissors. But I still don't think my skills would threaten anyone's job security at Fantastic Sam's.

I pulled them back for church so no one had to see her way too short, homemade haircut bangs. (Notice the tiny ones that wouldn't stay back).

The coordinating coral and eyelet church outfits lifted my spirits somewhat.

Until we got home and took her hair out. Then I remembered that my children do in fact look ugly sometimes. I guess it goes along with the theory that I've developed to make myself feel better about not getting ready everyday: Letting people see me at my worst makes me look that much prettier when I actually put forth the effort to get ready.

P.S. Children's scissors can in fact cut hair (all the grown up scissors are up high -- I did actually TRY to prevent this one).

May this be the first and last time any of my children play the cut-cut game, the name my cousins developed for this lovely ritual when they were children.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Green-Tongued Graduate

Last month, this little guy "graduated" from pre-school. They also did a cute program that they had been practicing for months and he had sung me all the songs, so I knew he knew them. Trying to avoid a repeat of his Grinch impression at the Christmas program, I STRONGLY encouraged him (and bribed him with ice cream after) to be happy at the program and sing the songs. He was happy, he did most of the motions, but I didn't see much singing going on.
Of course we still got ice cream.
When he went up to get his "diploma" he kind of stomped up there with his shoulders slumped and his pelvis and chin pushed forward (this is his "I'm embarrassed and uncomfortable being in the spotlight" pose). I wish I had gotten it on video. It was pretty funny and got a good laugh from the audience.
Here Harrison is with is beloved teacher, Miss Kristie. He talked a lot about how much he loved her, was going to miss her and "would never forget her" the last week of school.
This is his other beloved teacher, Miss Jane. He said all the same things about her. He really adored both of them. I did too. I think they were great for him. Like Fraulein Maria, they were firm, but kind. Just what he needed.
As promised, we went for ice cream after with the Jensen's. Unfortunately it was during Nate's "business" trip to CA, so he missed the whole thing.
Logan and Harrison were their usual silly, crazy selves.

Elizabeth was being extra funny that night and totally hamming it up for the camera.

Cute kids. Fun friends. Good times. Yummy ice cream.

None of the florescent stuff for me. When at Baskin Robins, I always have and always will order the chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In the Genes?

Last week both kids fell asleep on the way home from running errands. I brought them both in (thank goodness I have kids who can transfer!) and laid them each on a couch. Later I looked at them and they were both sleeping like this:

Must be in the genes.

Oh, how I long for more days of both kids taking naps. Elizabeth still needs one, but she only gets one on days like this. She won't lay down and go to sleep, and I've never been good at making a child who doesn't want to take a nap take one.

Sleeping babes are SO easy to love!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gamma!

I promise, I really did start this post on my Mom's Birthday, May 13th. But it was a Wednesday, which are my crazy days (play group and mutual, with Nate in school until 10:30 PM), plus that day was Harrison's Pre-School Graduation. So, then it got neglected. It was supposed to be a tribute to my mom, because when I asked Harrison what his favorite thing to do with Grandma was, he said, "Cooking." That's my boy.

My mom is a very accomplished baker. She is also a great cook, but baking is her specialty. I am the opposite, because yeast scares me with it's finickiness. Here she is making her delicious dinner rolls with my kids when they were visiting in April.

I'm really glad I got these pictures. I have SO many memories of watching my mom make these rolls. She has her special ways and does it the same every time so they are uniform and perfect. I should have taken a picture of the finished product. Each one is a little masterpiece.

I'm so grateful to have a mom who is a true homemaker. She is such an example to me and tried her darnedest to teach me how to make a house a home. Even though I mostly focus on the things she taught me that involve food, the other lessons are lurking around in my mind, sure to surface one of these days!

I love my mom, Nate loves my mom (and wishes I were a lot more like her in some ways), my kids love my mom. She is great. I hope she has LOTS more birthdays to celebrate and
many more opportunities to cook with my kids!