Thursday, July 17, 2008

SYTYCD - Week 6

I got to watch last night with my parents, my sister Katy, and Harrison. Harrison had a late nap and was told he could only keep watching with us if he stopped asking so many questions. His most typical question when watching that show is, "Mom, are they being mean, nice or serious?" Because in the past when he thought they were being mean I had explained that they were just being serious (passionate would go right over his head). Didn't I say I wasn't going to let him watch anymore? What am I doing?

Anyway, we had my traditional mint chip shakes that I have to have when watching the best show of the summer. And we were very entertained by great dancing!

My Top Three
Chelsie & Gev's Contemporary to the Ottis Redding song - Choreographed by Sonya (I think that's her name. The eccentric mow hawk girl who looks like Demi Moore)
Katee & Will's Pas de Dux (sp?) to Imagine by David Archuletta (I love it when FOX inbreeds the talent of their two amazing shows) - Choreographed by the two highly flaming ballerinos (seriously, there's a former male ballet dancer in our ward and he just told me Sunday that that's what they're called. I said if they're fat they can be called "ballerhinos.")
Courtney & Joshua's Rumba to Journey - Choreographed by Jean-Marc

Honorable Mention
The Hip-Hop choreographer they had on this week was really clever. I liked his story lines.
Twitch & Comfort's Futuristic Hip-Hop
Joshua & Courtney's Frankenstein Hip-Hop

I felt bad for Mark and Kherington. They could have been an amazing couple, but they really weren't given much to work with in the way of choreography. Two step and Jazz (with admittedly no story-line). They are both awesome performers, but there wasn't anything to really perform.

The boys definitely out-danced the girls on their solos. I love it when they put a story-line in their solos and you can tell they really planned it all out. Kudos to Will and Twitch for doing that. Joshua, Gev and Mark also danced really well. Out of the girls Kherington was my favorite. Poor Chelsie, it's hard to dance a ballroom solo, but she's always fabulous in her couple performances.

I must admit that I was sad to see Jessica out for her injury. She had just started growing on me. But she probably would have been the next girl to go. I'll be really curious to see who America votes off. It's getting much harder now! For the girls I'd say Comfort, again. (Double ouch). I really don't know for the guys, I love them all.


Jenni C. said...

I think Josh and Courtney's Rumba was my favorite. I liked Courtney's solo the best out of the girls. I have to say that Kherington hasn't been doing it for me lately, but I still think she is a fabulous dancer and that she shouldn't have been voted off last night. Big shocker!! I agree that she wasn't given anything to work with on Wed.

Nash said...

I was just wondering about you and your brother. I googled you and here you are.
I need to go read up. I just had to say HI.
Paul is horrible at keeping touch.
I love blogging, it's such a great way to keep in touch.
Hopefully we will be able to do that better.
Come see us at our blog.
Shanda Nash

Megan B said...

We LOVE this show!! Kinley always says "Mommy, she looks SOOOoo beautiful, but NOT at all modest." We keep thinking maybe she shouldn't watch it anymore, but we're sooooo addicted.