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Warning – If the title of this post means nothing to you, stop reading now. This entry is only for people who are as fanatical about this show as I am. Otherwise, you’ll just think I’m insane, (which is somewhat true, but still. . .)

So You Think You Can Dance is the highlight of my summer, so far. I absolutely LOVE it. I live for Wednesday nights (Thursday are pretty good too) and then immediately start counting down and looking forward to the next week. I also save all of them and go back and watch my favorite dances over and over again.

So, I have decided to start my own personal commentary on the show. I just have way too many opinions about the show that are dying to be shared. I will post my opinions and, I’d love to hear what you think too. Yes, I know, this is a crazy waste of time. And yes, I also know that there are tons of forums out there on this very topic. I don’t care. I'm doing it anyway.

Overall Observations
-Mary Murphy is a very annoying person – yes she is! (get it?)
-I have never liked the choreopraphy of those two girls who do "East Coast" hip-hop
-The hip-hop choreography in general has been sub par this year
-I think they should go back to switching up the partnerships every week like they did in Season One
-Week 1 & 2 I thought they were right on the money with who they kicked off. Last week I thought Jessica should go, but she wasn’t in the bottom 3. I thought they made the right choice out of the options they had. And I have decided I could really live without Kourtni & Matt and Comfort & Thayne

Week 1
This was a very disappointing and anticlimactic week for me. After waiting an entire year and through weeks of audition shows, we were finally supposed to see the best of the best. I have to put most of the blame on the choreographers. I feel really bad for the dancers when they’re just not given anything exciting or moving to work with.

Top Three Dances
Chelsie & Mark’s Weird Wedding Contemporary - Mia
Kherington & Twitch’s Broadway (she had red feathers on her bum) - Tyce
Kourtni & Matt’s Sweet Dreams are Made of These Jazz (with the diamond) - Mandy
The judges didn’t like this one much, they accused them of not performing it well with facial expressions and I thought they did. I also loved how he threw a bunch of sparklies at the end too.

Week 2
Much better! This was what I had been waiting for. In fact, I had trouble narrowing it down to three dances.

Top Three Dances
Courtney & Gev’s Lyrical to Lost – Mandy
Again, judges didn’t think they were into the performance and I totally disagreed. I LOVE that song. I love it when the song, choreography and dancers all mesh perfectly!
Katee & Joshua’s Broadway – Tyce
Kherington & Twitch’s Vieneese Waltz to A New Day Has Begun (for choreographer’s handicapped daughter) - Jean Marc

Honorable Mention
Chelsie & Mark’s Argentine Tango
Sorry Nigel, sometimes it’s hard for Mormon girls to act raunchy

Week 3
Getting better and better!

Top Three Dances
Chelsie & Mark’s Lyrical Hip Hop to Keep Bleeding – Napoleon & Tabitha (love that name and isn’t she so pretty?)
This is my all time favorite so far. I swear I’ve watched it about 15 times. I love the song, love the dance, love the dancers. HATED the outfit they put her in. Could it have been any less flattering? (Tight grey jeans, with a baby doll shirt and sneakers?) It speaks highly of the dance and dancer that I could get past that hideous look.
Courntey & Gev’s Rumba (she had on half of a blue dress) - Tony & Melanie
Katee & Joshua’s Samba (she had on half of a maroon dress, but shorter than Courtney’s) - Tony & Melanie
I was shocked that no one mentioned her new haircut and color. It made such a huge difference. It flattered her face so much more and she looked gorgeous. You could tell she felt much sassier and more confident too.

Week 4
14 Dances! Oh my, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

Top Three Dances
Will & Jessica’s Contemporary Shirt Dance to Alone – Mandy
This was the first time I liked Jessica’s dancing (she has definitely been riding on Will’s coattails). Again, love that song. Loved the shirt concept. It was very hot!
Kherington & Twitch’s Contemporary Bed Dance to Dreaming with a Broken Heart –
I thought this was very moving and it also made me think of Stephanie Waite (the mother of that baby who drowned in Vegas two weeks ago) because she loves this show and has her friends over to watch it every week. I’m sure it’s a bright spot in her week to be able to escape through entertainment for 2 hours. When I thought of this dance (and the song) from her perspective, it gave it a whole new meaning and really touched me. It was beautiful (and so were Twitch’s muscles).
Katee & Joshua’s Contemporary – Mia
There were so into it!

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system, I can go do something more worthwhile with my time!

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