Monday, July 28, 2008

Recovery Day (For Me, Not My Sick Boy)

I have not blogged in almost 2 weeks because my parents were in town and we all went to Utah. I was going through withdrawals without Internet access the whole time we were gone. I feel like I have a million things to blog about, but I don't know where to start! I guess I'll start with today and go back and worry about the rest later.

After a trip I always need at least one recovery day. Vacations (especially as a mom) are not always relaxing. In fact, traveling with kids is the exact opposite of relaxing. Everyone's off schedule, out of their comfort zones and generally cranky, especially Mommy! I am one who needs her downtime, hence the recovery day concept. So, my parents left late Saturday night, yesterday was my busy Sunday with 2 extra meetings, which mean over 5 hours of church (plus working on stuff for the meetings before and after). I'm not complaining, I love my calling, I'm just explaining why yesterday wasn't my recovery day. So today was the day. I was going to go running, but I went to bed way too late and was up during the night with a sick Harrison, so I didn't do that. I slept in while Harrison did who knows what. Then I spent most of the rest of the day doing my three guiltiest pleasures (which I did not get enough of in the last 2 weeks) talking on the phone, blogging, and catching up on my shows thanks to the best invention ever, DVR. I did shower (eventually), didn't do my hair, didn't leave the house, didn't really cook, and generally didn't do much of anything. Other than read over my lesson for Sunday

The fact that Harrison was sick all day helped to contribute to the vegging atmosphere. Poor baby. It's so sad when your kids are sick. But I do enjoy the motherly feelings of wanting to take care of them and help them feel better. I also don't mind the more mellow and lethargic version of my children every so often. This sickness was inevitable and I'm just surprised it didn't hit sooner. The reason is my mom got sick in Utah on Tuesday and everyday since then one of us has gotten it. It's been like clockwork. Tues-Mom, Weds-Me, Thurs-Katy, Fri-Dad, Sat-Elizabeth, Sun-Harrison. I assume Nate is next, but he claims he's doesn't get sick. (Tell that the Kelly and Erik's old bathroom wall that probably still has barf stains on it.) It was originally a stomach flu/incredibly achy/fever thing, and thankfully it only lasted 24 hours. I think it has mutated though, neither of my kids have had stomach problems, just fevers and it seems to be lasting a little longer. It was interesting to watch how everyone's perspective changed as we each got it. Before you get it you feel like the sick person is being a bit overly dramatic and wimpy. Then when you have it you totally understand why they were acting that way and then as the other people get it you are much more sympathetic. It was nice to be able to reassure everyone that they'd feel much better the next day.

So now that I've had my recovery day, I need to go to bed so I can get up and run tomorrow, actually do my hair, get the house put back together, go somewhere fun with the kids and try to get back into the swing of things (even though I'm leaving again soon!) Let's hope Harrison will be recovered by tomorrow too!

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Megan B said...

Happy Recovery Day! I always need one too. Traveling with kids is rarely refreshing. Often fun and fulfilling, but not exactly relaxing!! Glad you are all feeling better, stomach illnesses are no fun for anyone!!