Thursday, October 2, 2008

Half Hilarious "Hairy"

Harrison's new thing is "half." I think it started after we talked about him being half Japanese. That was a funny discussion that led to lots of questions about who else was half Japanese, full Japanese or not Japanese. Now lots of things are half. When he came home from pre-school in his spare set of clothes I asked if he went shi-shi in his pants and he said "I only went half shi-shi in my pants." He's also fallen down a few times and when I've asked if he's hurt he says, "I'm half hurt."

Speaking of pre-school, I guess it's better late than never on 1st Day of School Pictures!

Here he is with his new back pack that Grandma got him. Too bad they had special totes for them, so he won' t be using it for school.

On the first day they wanted him to write his name and draw a picture of himself. This worried me a little because as far as I knew he could only write H and A and had never done anything but scribble. So I told him which letters to write and he did a pretty good job. Nate had been working with him (yes, the non-Elementary Education Major, sad huh?). I didn't know how much progress they had made. Then he really knocked my socks off when he drew a face complete with eyes, a mouth, hair, and legs! This was his first recognizable picture ever. I guess I need to expect more out of him!
It's a Christian school, so they go to chapel every few weeks. This was the day they learned about Daniel and the Lion's Den. He loved his lion mask.

Here he is with some of his art. That's his name in beans and supposed to be a picture of himself. I'm going to take my mom's advice and take pictures of all the art and then toss it. Way too much clutter otherwise. We've got 13 years of this times 4 kids (hopefully). Yesterday it was really windy. He told me there was a "tomato" at recess. "A tomato?" I aksed. Then he said, "Maybe it was just a twister."

Another funny thing he's been saying lately is, "When I was in college. . ." I guess he's heard me talk about my college days enough that he thinks anything from the past happened when you were in college.

Everyday he asks, "Mom, what's tomorrow is?" He wants to know what today is and what we're doing. So I always say, "Tomorrow is ______. Today is ______ and we have _______."

He has been using some big words like, "Mom, that is very upsetting." "These are absolutely night time clothes." "Isn't she amazing/awesome?" (about Elizabeth when she goes in the potty)

He has started to learn how to tease. He always says, "Mom, I don't love you. . .just kidding." "Dad, maybe we shouldn't go to the pool. . .just kidding."

When we drove by the elementary school he said, "Mom, that's where I'm going to Kindergarten when I'm 5. And when I'm 5 I'm going to have hair on my arms." (He and Nate have been talking about when you get hair in different places). I said, "Well, you probably won't get hair on your arms until you're 12 or 13." H- "Well Caden has hair on his arms and he's 5." M- "Well, some people are hairier than others. Your mom and dad don't have lots of hair." H- "Daddy has lots of hair." (He's really not very hairy, but I guess to a 4 year old he is). M- "Well, Mommy doesn't." H - "You have hair on your head." Tu Chet.


The Richard Report said...

Michelle! You crack me up! I love your post Half Hairy! I want to know how you got yourself to run. I want to get back into it but 5:30am just seems to early! Well a saladmaster pan is a brand of cookware. My friend Donovan used to sell it, so he has the $500 electric skillet. It is the best chicken! Almost pan fried but actually good for you. I really want the pan, but I'd rather pay my mortgage. I hope that all is well with you. I hope that we can talk soon. I miss you and Love you!

The Wilhelm Family said...

They grow up too fast. Love the story about the "half" everything. What a funny kid. Both of my boys also attended a Christ Lutheran Preschool and loved it. I also loved the program they had!

Jenni C. said...

I love your FitnessPal counter. Very cool! Thanks for Chic-Fillet last nigt. It was delightful.