Saturday, October 11, 2008

Family Pictures

The family pictures Melissa took are all done. Here is a link to see them.

If the link above does not work, perform the following steps:
Open your web browser, and go to
Enter the photographer's account number 4586726599, click on the go link.
Enter the event code Watabe
Leave the password field blank and click go

Thanks again, Melissa!


Jenni C. said...

So pretty! I wish we were going on Saturday! I love that location. I hope it's that pretty in the early summer. I emailed Melissa, but I haven't heard back from her.

I really hope you got a one of the pictures of you and Elizabeth, (the close-up). You look like a model. So beautiful!! If you didn't you need to convince Nate that you need to spend another $32 because it's amazing!!

Melissa said...

Wonderful family photos!!!! I love the location. : ) We are getting our photos taken by an amazing photographer from Utah. Sheena Jibson. She is coming to visit family here. I can't wait. Any advice on what to wear???

Tiffany said...

Such cute pictures! I love non-studio pictures, there just so much cuter!