Monday, October 6, 2008


This is what happens when I blog for too long (or talk on the phone too long, or watch TV too long.) Besides the stuff you see all over the floor, there is also an entire sleeve of saltine crackers on the counter. I'm sad you can't really see the crazy way she's fashioned the headband in her hair.

She has become a climber and is into EVERYTHING. It's actually surprising she's dressed in this picture. She takes her clothes and diaper off multiple times a day and yes, I've cleaned up several puddles. With a face like this, she's pretty easy to forgive!


Melissa said...

What a little monkey! She is too cute. No way you can be upset.

Teo said...

she is so cute michelle. I miss that age.
love, Teo

Luisa said...

sounds like my little girl. And she's younger and been doing it longer. I'm really scared for the terrible twos because she is already a terror. But, like you said, you just can't help but love them. They're so dang cute!

ray said...

Heavenly Father makes our children cute so we don't beat them. (much) This is the story of my life (x4). Elizabeth is so darn cute and I need to send you the pictures of her and Faith in the bath. I have a couple cute ones of Harrison, Maya, and Grant making funny faces too.