Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

So I should be going to bed, but the massive amounts of Halloween candy that I pilfered from my children after our ward Halloween party are running through my veins and keeping me alert!

Since they didn't want people to wear masks, I decided to paint Harrison's face to go with his Spiderman costume. (I figured we needed to do something to make it special since he wears is several times a week!) So yesterday we did a test run and it went pretty well.
First thing after waking up this morning he said, "Let's paint my face." I explained that it wasn't going to be until a lot later. He said, "But it's tomorrow." (Meaning, we are now in tomorrow which is when I said the party would be.) Unfortunately after being excited about it all day, the paint bothered his face much more tonight (maybe because we went swimming today?) and he couldn't handle it, so I wiped it off and we were left with a sunburned-looking Spiderman. Oh well, it set him apart from the 5 other Spidermen there.
Elizabeth was a chick. And she sure was cute -- for the whole 5 minutes she kept her costume on. Good thing I got it on clearance last year for $4.99.

Then this started to happen. . .
Forget the costume. This girl was there for one thing and one thing only (takes after her Mom).

Where was she getting this constant supply of candy?

From Miss Smartie Pants.

Lots of people didn't get it at first. Do you?

Next year I might just put them on my rear and go as a Smart _ _ _ instead!

Harrison loved the donut on a string game.

For the record, Nate was there. He said he was going as a model for Steve and Barry's (His entire outfit is from there including the shoes and jacket which aren't shown in this picture.)

My face wasn't the only thing fed at this party, my ego was too. I am not a very competitive person (probably because there aren't that many competitions that I could win). One of the only things that bring it out in me are Ward Soup Cooking Contests. I was very pleased tonight to win my third one! I wasn't nearly as confindent as I was last year, because I was trying out a new recipe (a risky move I realized, but I really wasn't going for the gold this year, so to speak). After winning twice with Baked Potato Soup (in two different wards) this year I did Chicken Queso Soup. Thanks to Shauna for the recipe, that I changed a little, including the name, because there were no tortillas in it. Now I have two "A Ward Award Winning Soups."

Here's me last year. Here I am with this year's prize. (And cuter hair if I say so myself.)

Man, the first time I lose one of these could be a devastating blow.

I wonder how I would do in a Humble Pie Contest?


John & Shauna said...

I went to my computer because Nate told me you were blogging. Cute post. You all look adorable. Congratulations on the soup award. I like the name.

Ambie said...

wow! Harrison looks so much like Nathaniel

cute pics

Melissa said...

You are so funny! Smartie pants! I love it! I think I won the best salad award at a ward function once, but wow--a three-time winner in the soup department? I'm so proud to know you!

Kelly said...

Michelle: I can't get over how amazing you look! Honestly, you look so thin, how proud you must be! Also I have got to get that soup recipe. That is hilarious you won again, I remember the drama from last year, no announcement of the winner, etc. This year looks like you got a prize so that's good! :) I also love the smart ___ idea, that had me laughing outloud! :) I love you!

Jordan Merrell said...

So how about you post these amazing soup recipes??? They sound so good. Your family has always been full of good cooks :) Your costume has to be the best that I have seen. Very creative!

Tiffany said...

Joylyn is still talking about your smartie pants. She at a roll of smarties today after lunch, and she wanted to know if I could buy a bunch so she could be a smartie pants just like harrison's mom. It was really cute!

Melissa said...

How fun! I always did like your cooking. : ) Your pumpkin soup was fabulous. YUMmy.... Love your new hair cut too. LOVE IT !!! And you are looking wonderful. Keep up the great work. Oh, your silly miss smartie pants! I gave my mom that idea at our halloween party years ago. She remembers no one "got" what she was. I think it fits you just fine! : )
miss you guys.

ps... loved your family photos!

The Harrisons said...

Congrats!! You look great! You've got to pass the soup recipe along. I love soups now thanks to the Baked Potato recipe.


Alyssa said...

I have a few things to say... Your Spiderman paint job was amazing! Elizabeth is sooooo cute in that costume, I love your cute costume idea for yourself! And oh yeah, are you going to share your recipie?? Oh, one more thing... yes, it's me with the migraines. -Alyssa

ray said...

I can't believe you had a Halloween party already. Ours is the Saturday before so Halloween becomes a season instead of just one night. I love the pictures of Elizabeth's costume strip tease. too funny.

Dan and Dee said...

Your mom just put your blog in her letter. Wow are your kids ever cute!!! I love the Halloween pics!
I linked you on my blog
I can't believe how your daughter climbs! Busy you!