Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Little Pumpkins

This little pumpkin was killing me today in her darling Halloween outfit! I got that shirt on clearance at the GAP right after I found out I was pregnant with Harrison. I loved it then and love it now and hope that a couple more kids get to wear it someday!

The shirt even says "my little pumpkin." Too sweet!

I couldn't resist showing Harrison in the shirt. He was about 6 months younger when he wore it. Oh my, they grow up way too fast. I miss that little guy. Can I just take a moment to say how much I LOVED that pumpkin patch. It was at Avila Valley Barn on the Central Coast of California and we went every year since Little H. was born (4 years). I am very sad not to go this year. I've asked around about a patch here that has PILES of PUMPKINS, because that's what I loved about it, but no one knows of one. Oh well, there's plenty of things here to make up for the lack of piles of pumpkins. I just want to eat him up!
Okay, back to the present. . .these two really do melt my heart!

She watches him for all of her cues on how to act and what to do. She has just recently started saying his name "Shehson." She asks, "Shehson?" M, "He's at school." E, "Oh." It's so cute!

Yesterday at school they went to the pumpkin patch. This is what he picked. When I inquired about the missing stem (because really, a cute stem makes a cute pumpkin) he said his friend pulled it off. Later after he overheard me complaining about the friend to Nathan he informed me that it was just an "askadent." I'm glad he's a loyal friend.

I'm also glad he's a little bit crazy. Keeps things interesting.

Here he is trying to emulate the sweet smile I was demonstrating for him. I LOVE these two little pumpkins (even more on days like the last few when everyone has gotten enough sleep!)


Melissa said...

I too miss Avila Barn. Luckily we have a great place nearby. You have to pay $10 to park. URGH! Makes me mad. The kids love it, so we go. I should have my mom go to the barn and take photos for us. Too bad we won't be in them! LOL . I'll ask my sister if she knows of any patches.

Shannon Harris said...

Man I miss that pumpkin patch. i'll be posting pics of ours soon..very pathetic to the ones in CA!!! But hey- it's free if we don't buy anything.

Megan B said...

I agree you should shoot for a few more Watabes because you guys sure do make ADORABLE KIDS!!!! ANd aside from the missing stem, that's a great little pumpkin, very shiny and I love how it's a little squashed on top! One I'd choose myself!