Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cute Colman Cousins

Nate's sister right above him, Rachael aka "Ray-Ray" (or Uncle Ray-Ray, as Harrison kept referring to her) and her family visited us last night. They were missing their oldest, Nathaniel, but Maya, Grant and Faith all came, along with Christian, their Dad. It was WAY to quick of a visit, but the cousins had lots of fun. As you can imagine, my kids look much more like their cousins on their Dad's side than on my side. In fact, we think Elizabeth and Faith (named after Nate's mom) look a lot alike!

There is a string of 4 girl cousins in Nate's immediate family, and Faith is the first of those (actually I can think of 9 others very close in age if you count 2nd cousins, but there might be a boy in there somewhere breaking the streak). Grant is the first in string of 10 boy cousins (including 2nd cousins) and Harrison is the last of that group. They are almost exactly one year apart, but the same size, as you can see in the first picture.
Here is a picture of those ten boy cousins (in birth order) and their moms in February of '05 at Nate's Grandpa Watabe's funeral. Excuse my white nylons with a black skirt, I forgot to pack black.

Another interesting tid-bit. Nate and I both have a set of three rhyming nick-names in our family. They have Ray-Ray, Nay-Nay, and Jay-Jay. (Rachael, Nathan, and Jayson -- which also all get shortened to Ray, Nay and Jay). In my family it's Mu, Lou and Rew (for Michelle, Laura and Andrew -- our's don't make as much sense and aren't spelled the same, but still).

And, as you can see, all the stress yesterday wasn't totally necessary, as I've still got 2 1/2 hours until we need to leave and I'm finding more time to blog!


Jordan Merrell said...

I am sure that with 10 little boys in a row, family get togethers are exciting! I am sure that it will be wonderful as they grow and become best buddies! Your kids are darling and Harrison cracks me up!

ray said...

I didn't know you had a blog. Done with grace and style like everything else you do. I have some cute pics of Faith and Elizabeth that I need to send you. Plus, try googling images of Bryan Clay. His daughter looks just like Elizabeth.

Thanks again for feeding us en route. It was the perfect break in a long journey.