Monday, August 4, 2008

Hilarious Harrison

So many funny things come out of his mouth everyday, but here are some of the more memorable ones from lately.

Today I broke my 9 day streak of not yelling, so I was very down and I sighed loudly.

H- Mommy, why are you letting your breath out?
M- Because I'm sad.
H- Sad?
M- Yes, sad.
H- Sad?
M - Yes (said in an increasingly annoyed tone).
H- Fat?
M- No, Sad. (But thanks for pouring salt into my wound.)

Harrison put this bandaid on the wall because there was an "askadent." (A picture frame was knocked off a ledge and went crashing down the stairs leaving a gouge in the wall.)

We were watching two brothers named Lane and Braden.
M- Harrison, you remember these guys, Lane and
H- I know, Lane and Lemuel.
M- No, Lane and Braden.
H- Ya, Laman and Braden.
And he proceeded to call the poor kid Laman the rest of the afternoon. Mommy, Laman pushed Elizabeth. (I'm sure Nephi uttered those very words to Sariah at some point!) Too funny.

I've taken to making lots of threats lately and Harrison has caught on that threats are most effective when you think of one of the most important things to the person and then threaten to take that away. Which for him is usually his Planet Heroes ship or his Power Ranger or something like that. So he has told me, "Mommy if you don't stop talking to me like that I'm going to take your make-up away." And even funnier, "Mommy, if you do that one more time I'm going to tell Daddy to delete all your shows." Scary how well he knows me, that one would really hurt!

He has gotten belated birthday presents from both Grandma and Obaachan (Japanese for Grandma) in the last few days. He got a Lightning McQueen "Cumbrella" (there was only 1 Spiderman one and it was broken, so he settled with his first love, Lightning) that he insists on taking everywhere we go so his shoulders won't get too hot from the sun. Just this morning, he got a Spiderman costume and wore it most of the day. He insisted on having Logan come over and bring his Spiderman costume. Logan had to be bribed to put his costume on for a few pictures (he's had his for a long time, so he must be over it). Anyway, they were too cute. I told Harrison that in the movie, Spiderman lifts up his mask so he can give kisses and he proceeded to do that several times throughout the day. Don't worry, he wasn't upside down and we didn't make out!

I could go on and on with more funny things about that boy, but I was a tired, grumpy mommy today, so I need to go to bed. Tomorrow I will post about how my children seem determined to slowly but surely ruin everything we own.


Jenna said...

I love this post. My favorite is Sad? Fat? Love it. Kids are the funniest!! Can't wait to read about all the stuff that got destroyed. :-) It's funny because it's happening at your house at the moment. When it happens here, not so funny. Take care!

Nash said...

I'm so glad to know other mom's yell, sometimes I think I am the only one.
My daughter told me my stomach was fat yesterday. I did feel like crap after, even though I had been to the gym that morning.
Love the posts, he is a funny kid.

Nash said...

I just saw that sarah is on your lists but is private.
Will you let her know we'd love to keep in touch with her. our email is shanda.nashAThtml.


Megan B said...

This post is HILARIOUS!! Harrison totally cracks me up!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, I was totally laughing at this! "I will tell Daddy to delete all your shows!" What a crack-up. And I love the bandaid on the wall!