Wednesday, August 6, 2008

STRESSED? Why not just blog?

The post about the children destroying my things will have to wait. I'm super stressed, but of course, I'm procrastinating all of it to blog, because that's more fun. Also, my last blog had so many typos, how embarrassing. Nate pointed them all out because I forced him to read it (he has been boycotting my blog ever since I started posting about SYTYCD). I looked it over this morning and realized he not only edited for typos, but also content. So I put back in the part he took out, that little punk.

We are leaving for Virginia tomorrow for our 4th Annual Harrison Family Beach Trip. I am SO EXCITED! We are going to have a BLAST! But the getting ready part is not as fun. So I need to do laundry, pack, and get everything squared away for my calling while I'm gone. I've got Nate's sister, Rachael, and her family who are driving through and will be stopping by for a few hours and dinner (they live in Hawaii and we hardly ever get to see them, so this is exciting, I just wish I had more time to focus on the fun of it instead of being stressed) so I need to clean and cook for that, then I've got mutual, a Youth Conference planning meeting, and the SYTYCD finale! Oh, and Nate will be at school all night too. At least several of the things are enjoyable.

I did get up at 5:40 this morning and ran with Jenni after not being able to run with her for over two weeks because of both of our trips. And we won't be running again together for another two weeks. Sad. It's SO MUCH MORE FUN with her! And she pushes me. Today, I reached my first short term goal. Which was to run one mile straight and another mile broken up. Plus we walked a mile (mixed in with the running.) I have actually run a mile straight several times now, but this was the first day I ran 2 total. My next goal is two run 2 straight and the long term goal is to run the 5K at Thanksgiving. (Long, long term might be a triathalon, we'll see.) My other short term goal is to run a mile everyday at the beach. I figure I have everything working in my favor (people to watch my kids, not having to do my hair everyday, low-altitude, beautiful scenery, an endless supply of running partners) plus we'll be eating like banshees because that's what we do at the beach. I will report back to you on how that goes.
And just because every good post needs a picture, here's a truck we were driving behind on our way to Utah.

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