Monday, August 25, 2008

Exciting Things

Exciting Thing #1
We got the Black Pilot of my mildest dreams (that's mildest, not wildest - it's an '03, 66,000 miles, cloth interior, with possibly broken, unbeknownst to us before we bought it, rear AC, and it smells funny). But still, I have been wanting a black Pilot since they came out and I am very happy to have one. Added Bonus: Nate didn't have to go to UT for the weekend, we got it here.
Apparently we love black Hondas. We now have a "Mama" and "Baby" version as Nate pointed out when he said, "If you look in the garage it looks like we have a mama and baby Shamu in there."
Nate has always had a special place in his heart for Sea World and large mammals of the sea. (In his words while at a whale museum on our honeymoon in Maui, "There are dinosaur-kids and whale-kids. I was a whale-kid.) Bytheway, he needs to add a new catergory to the list -- Spidermand-kids, of which I had one, until 5 minutes ago when I discovered I might have two.

Totally random picture of my my original Spiderman-kid, my shaggy little brother, Andrew, and my cousin Jill who stopped by on their way from VA to UT this weekend.

But I digress. I actually love having matching mama and baby black Hondas and feel like an official Highlands Ranch Mommy now that I have my very own SUV, and a Pilot, at that. I do feel a little sadness at turning my Civic over to Nate, though he claims she will feel much more taken care of under his stewardship. I have the comfort of knowing that I will be driving her whenever possible, because it's more frugal, and that's how we roll (pun intended).
Exciting Thing #2
Harrison got into the pre-school that I've been hoping and praying he would get into all summer. My exact prayer was that whichever one was best for him and our family would be the one he ended up in. (He had a sure spot in one and was 1st on a waiting list in the other.) However, I was quite sure that the waiting-list one was the best for us. a) 4 days a week instead of 3 for $1 a month more - what mom of an active 4 year old boy wouldn't see the value in that extra dollar? b) no school on Fridays, which Nate has off half the time, so now we can have fun family days or long weekend vacations c)it's a more formal school environment, which I think he will really thrive in. I was glad that Heavenly Father agreed with my opinion and made it happen.

Exciting Thing #3
Elizabeth is regularly saying her version of "thank you." Having already mastered "please", she's well on her way to being a well-mannered child.

Exciting Thing #4
I broke my personal record and ran 1.1 miles straight and 2.1 miles total this morning. I know, it's only by .1 miles, but remember who you're dealing with here. Baby steps, people.

Exciting Thing #5
I'm pregnant. Oh wait, no I'm just exhausted and can't stop eating. Thankfully at this point, it's not because I'm growing a person in my belly. And with my current stress level and patience level, that is an exciting thing. Remember, I tend to blog at the worst possible times, like right before I'm supposed to be getting ready to go out of town. Out of town again, you ask? Didn't you just go to UT and VA? Yes, but we may as well cover all our bases and go to CA while we're at it. Harrison informed me that he will "miss the planet while we're in California." I got out the globe and attempted a short geography/solar system lesson, which was met with a firm, "Mom, put that away. I want to watch Spiderman and His Amazing Friends." (his newest TV obsession) Seriously, I love that kid.

Exciting Thing #6
I found this in someone's garbage today.

Some of you may know, I've been on the lookout for a toy kitchen. Some of you may also know, I'm not at all opposed to garbage picking (a trait I inherited from my mother who got it from her father). What's better than free? Although if anyone sees or hears of a better model, for the same price, call me. I now have a car big enough to meet most of my garbage picking needs, and I can be there in minutes. The fact that I wiped the thing down with at least 5 Clorox Wipes was not enough for Nate, he's still freaked out by it. Whatever. Germs don't bother me much.

Exciting Thing #7
The children are starting to enjoy fun activities together that don't involve disasters for me to clean-up.

Their choice of activities three weeks ago. Yes, that's white sugar, folks.

Fun activities in the last few days. Love the "cheese" faces and both looking toward each other. Harrison kept trying to teach her how to play and she clearly wasn't getting it, as the controller is upside down.

Hopefully Nate's dream of having a child compete in the X-Games are not starting. If he really wants that to happen, he needs to stop showing me the wipe-out montages

Exciting thing #8

New blog background. Got sick of the old one.

Hugs and kisses to anyone who stuck with me all the way through this post.


Melissa said...

Love it all! Congratulations on your acquisition of Shamu. Also, I love that your children were eating sugar right out of the jar, and you are awesome for even running at all. I still can't make myself do that. And thanks for the hug :)

Jordan Merrell said...

Your blog is too cute! I love your new background. New cars are always exciting and I love your black pilot. We drove a pilot for a while and it was great (it got tricky with 3 little ones, thus why I now have a van), but it was amazing, had a huge trunk, and was great in the snow! I am a huge honda fan! Your kids crack me up. I love how Harrison thinks that Colorado is its own planet. It is so nice once the kids start to play together. It makes life so much more wonderful and thats why I like having 3 kids better than 2 because the older kids entertain themselves so well, so its like I only have 1 (sometimes :) )

sarah said...


I just miss you so much and had that reiterated as I read your blog. You still are my DIBFF after all these years. I loved reading your blog and seeing the pictures. I am actually seeing some of you in Harrison now. Both he and Elizabeth are precious! Loved the kitchen, I'm looking for one too...and I can not wait for your trip out to AZ. We would love you to come visit and stay with us! I love you tons

Megan B said...

LOL, I read EVERY word :) That is a LOT of exciting things!!! Many happy congratulations :)

Jenni C. said...

Okay, when you said that you were pregnant, I just about reached through the computer and strangled you. You're so lucky you are not or I still might have to strangle you for not telling me on one of the many occasions we have seen each other. Okay...I said my peace.

Erin Goldston said...

I love your posts. They are hilarious. As good as an in person "Michelle Fix" for me!! Love you, Erin

imme said...

Oh, oh - hate to say it, but the pic with the kids in the sugar remind me of Rachael's kids. You have a lot to look forward to...

Congrats on the "new" Honda Pilot. We also got a new Honda this weekend, but its a very practical Odyssey. (FYI - I'm a rabid SUV-hater, although, the Pilot is the only one I'd ever even consider.) It's funny, but we consciously selected a color different from our Accord so our garage wouldn't look too uniform. Never would've occurred to me that our vehicles would remind us of marine life though....:)

Luisa said...

Awesome! You guys are so cute. I love reading your blog. Enjoy CA. Where are you going? We just got back from the Bay Area.

Barrons said...

How fun! New cars are always fun. Especially when you finally get the one you want. :) Congrats on the baby news! Thee is always better than two. Maybe your having twins..... at least you have your Pilot to haul all those kids with! LOL Miss you guys

Laura & Family said...

You are now an official HR mom now that you are in the Pilot club. I wanted a black one but Nathan surprised me with a red one!

Tamara said...

funny post! a lot of big happenings in the Watabe family. congrats on the additiion of Shamu. btw, your garage is so clean!

Christensen's said...

hey michelle! i found your blog through Erin's...its great to see your adorable family. i'm going to bookmark this so i can sneak in on you from time to time. hope you guys are great!

Christensen's said...

I forgot to ask, are you in Highlands Ranch, CO? Brandon's sister lives there. I need your email address.

Sue Sparks said...

Wow, There is a lot of excitement going on in your neck of the woods:) Congrats on the Pilot!

Well, I ordered five copies of LatterDay Bride, and yes that is Sarah's thoughtful quote:) She is also quoted on pg.189:) I forgot that she had submitted the photos and quotes:)

I enjoy your blog!