Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Got a Fever

There is definitely something wrong with me. Why am I watching Justin Bieber videos on You Tube at 11:15 at night?

I had hardly heard of the this boy before last week. Couldn't have picked him out of a line up. Then he was on Oprah. Harrison was awe struck and a new obsession was born. I could hear him watching it over and over again the next morning and several times a day since. Then he was on Ellen monday and American Idol tonight. Now I'm finding myself becoming a little obsessed.

Baby, baby, baby, ooh really is pretty catchy, he can definitely sing, and he is just so stinkin' cute. I find myself in a bit of a Taylor Lautner situation, except this kid is only 15. So, it's a cross between more of a motherly love/isn't he adorable/how proud would I be if that were my son and jealously of my 13 year old sister, who can crush on him if she wants to (and why wouldn't she want to?) without feeling like a creepy old woman. Seriously, there are so many more heartthrobs now than when I was growing up. Boys way more talented and better looking than all 5 New Kids on the Block combined.

I could live without the wannabe rapper vernacular (I honestly cannot stand when people put on accents like that) and the turrets-like hair flip.

But other than that -- Baby (in the most literal sense of the word), you smile, I smile.


Kelley Gubler said...

oh my gosh, that is hilarious! i too saw and heard of him for the first time on oprah and was a little suprised (and disturbed) at how much i liked him. then last night on idol, (which i haven't liked this year and i fast forward through almost the whole thing) except last night i watched his whole performance with no fast forwarding. sad.

trishanna said...

michelle you are to dang funny!I wish you lived closer so I could here more about these wierd obsessions you get!

Kelly said...

Michelle I laughed so hard at this post. Harrison's hair especially cracked me up!!! And your descriptive words like the "mad scientist look, Kramer, etc." really had me laughing. I also can't get over how adorable Johnny is, really, he is too cute! I feel like I should have cut Berklie's mullet earlier but didnt and now I'll never get a chance to do it right since I won't have another girl. But at least it can be something we laugh at later. I'll have to find some pictures of the mullet. I forgot you're going to Hawaii soon! So fun, I will call you soon, the girls are back, life is crazy and I will try to find a minute when I am not crying :) Love you!!

Julie K said...

I love it! If you didn't see the SNL he hosted a month back, and it sounds like you didn't, you really owe it to your inappropriate crush to find it on or youtube and watch the skit with Tina Fey being the middle school teacher. She grapples with your same feelings, and it is HILARIOUS. Seriously, my favorite line is (roughly) "I don't know if I should date him or put him in a stroller and push him around the mall, looking for a Baby Gap."

He really is cute (from one disturbed cougar to another).