Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turning Myself In

Warning: If you are one of those Twilight Haters, please don't read this. You would lose entirely too much respect for me (assuming you had any in the first place!)

I saw New Moon on Saturday night with a group of girls from the ward. I liked it way better than the Twilight movie (which I did like, but not nearly as much as the book) and way better than the New Moon book. It's rare to find a movie that I like better than the book.

A big reason I liked it so much better is probably quite obvious. Taylor Lautner sans shirt. I had pictured Jacob as pretty darn cute in my head, but I guess I hadn't really taken the time to visualize all the big, hunky muscles. And his smile was right on with how Stephanie Meyer always described it. He really was just SO good looking. As others have expressed, Edward paled in comparison. Literally. He was so pale, scrawny, hairy and somewhat disgusting after watching Jacob through the whole movie. I wish they had exceeded my expectations in casting Edward like they did in casting Jacob. Then again, that may have been darn near impossible considering he's supposed to be the most perfect, gorgeous guy ever.

So, I left with a little crush on the werewolf. I told Nate that if he wants to put on 30 pounds of muscle that would be okay with me. After some discussion, we concluded that 30 pounds of muscle on his frame would be too much, but he'll work on it. I can't believe I, of all people, especially in my current physical state, would have the audacity say something like that to my husband who has some pretty nice muscles as it is. He was so funny, he said if werewolves were what did it for me, he could get into that and proceeded to start howling right there in the middle of the kitchen. Sadly for him, it did not have the desired effect. But it did make me adore him.

So, I am the only one who didn't know that Taylor Lautner is 17 years old? When I found that out I felt like I should be put on of those lists that the neighbors can look up on the Internet. I mean honestly, he is a boy child. I was slightly disturbed. Especially when I heard myself saying, "Well, he doesn't look like a 17 year old." Can't you just hear some creepy guy saying that about a well developed teenage girl?

I did resist the urge to cut his picture out of a magazine and hang it on my fridge. At least things aren't totally out of control around here.


trishanna said...

are you in the fifth month of pregnancy? cuz these desires you are having sound very similar to the one i had in that month. but if not control yourself girl! haha jk

Sue Sparks said...

I am one of those Twilight haters:), (but I read on anyway), and you still made me laugh!

Gubler family said...

glad to know other moms like me love twilight too. i agree, in the movies i'm a jabob fan all the way, but in the books i'm an edward fan. edward (in the movies) is too skinny. he needs to put on weight i think. mom my sent me a twilight halloween card with both their pictures on it and, yes, it is still on my fridge. so i guess you could say, we (i) have lost control in my house.

Jordan Merrell said...

You are the most entertaining writer! I love reading everything you have to say!!! I must say that I agreed with everything you said about the movie and it is too bad that Taylor Lautner is only 17 cause he is really cute but I can't think that cause its gross :) I am so sorry about Elizabeth's arm! I hope she recovers quickly!!!

Megan B said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! At least I'll be prepared when I go see it (hopefully soon!) New Moon was my least favorite BOOK of the series, but everyone says this movie is so much better than the first one, which I happened to like A LOT. So excited!! You crack me up!

Nash said...

yeah i am not a hater but was so shocked that it was about vampire love that i could not read anymore after twilight.
this was funny though. =)
you know Jacob is sharkboy in the movie Sharkboy and Lava Girl.