Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Mom,

You've been there to welcome us all into the world. First me, and then my children.

Thank you for being there then and always. Morning, noon, night, middle of the night, I know you're there with a listening ear and a helping heart. I'm so grateful for you.

Here's and interview for you from E. (Elizabeth), H. (Harrison), and M. (Michelle)

What's Grandma's name?
E: Grandma. What's her real name? Harrison. No, her first name. Grandma.
H: Karen
M: Mom

How old is Grandma?
E: 20
H: 54
M: 54 (for 3 more days)

What do you love to do with Grandma?
E: Play. What do you love to play with her? Her.
H: When she's awake she makes breakfast and then she wakes me up.
M: Talk, laugh, cook, shop

What's your favorite thing about Grandma?
E: Her putting on her make-up.
H: When she reads me books.
M: Her example of how to be a wonderful wife and mother.

What is Grandma good at?
E: Making stuff what gets broked.
H: Sewing
M: Homemaking (Not just cooking, cleaning, sewing, and decorating, but also making those in the home feel loved)

How many kids does Grandma have?
E: 1. Who's that? Katy.
H: 6
M: 6

What's Grandma's favorite thing to do?
E: Sew
H: Go to the beach house with us.
M: Spend time with her family. (So, Harrison was right)

What's your favorite thing that Grandma has ever given you?
E: Putting me to bed.
H: When it was Valentine's and she gave us that candy that her family had made with her.
M: Life. Love. A testimony. And some pretty cute jewelry.

What's the yummiest thing Grandma makes?
E: Chocolate milk
H: Eggs and the new Slim Fast
M: Ooh, that's hard. Cinnamon rolls. (She's taught me to make a lot of the same stuff, so I picked something that I don't make myself).

Why does Grandma come visit us?
E: Because she loves to and we invite her.
H: Because she loves us.
M: They're right, but also to help us and lend her support to us.

What do you want to say to Grandma for Mother's Day?
E: Happy Mutter's Day
H: I love you
M: Mom, I love you so much. I love that my kids love you too. My appreciation for you grows with each child I have, because I gain a greater understanding of how much you sacrificed for us. You're the best mom and grandma ever! Happy Mother's Day!

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