Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day: Sickly Sweet

Sickly: I spent Mother's Day in bed with the flu. Threw up, chills, fever, head and body aches. What a sad day to miss church (the kids singing, the great talks and lessons on mothers, the chocolates they pass out (don't worry, Nate had strict instructions to get one for me and bring it home)). Plus, we had a lunch appointment AND a dinner appointment. We don't get invited over for meals all that often. Twice in one day? And I had to miss both. Sad.

Sweet: A breakfast in bed plan. After I threw up in the wee hours of Mother's Day, Nate said, "I guess you probably don't want breakfast in bed?" Harrison and Elizabeth came in very excited in the morning. Harrison said, "I woke Elizabeth up." When asked why, "To make your surprise breakfast." The mere fact that they all had a plan was very touching. I told them I'd take a rain check.

Then they presented me with one of Nathan's famous homemade cards that I love. On my b-day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and our Anniversary, he makes me homemade cards on the computer. They are funny. Nate did a dot to dot for Elizabeth so she could write her name. Harrison wrote his own note, part of which said, "I like being your sunshine." So stinkin' sweet. That was the highlight of the day.

Sickly or Sweet? You decide: Nate got me a gift that is right up there with "The Drumming Monkey." For those who don't know that story, it would definitely require a post all it's own. The good part is, this one only cost $2, not $40. It's a pair of pewter key chains, one boy and one girl, who have magnets in their lips, so they kiss. He got it on one of his "deal" websites, and it came all the way from Singapore. He's going to keep his keys on the boy and I'm going to keep mine on the girl. If our keys are ever close enough to each other, they might just kiss. Now, if that's not the most romantic thing you've ever heard of, I don't know what is. (There needs to be a special font indicating sarcasm).

Sweet: The kids brought some cute creations home from church. They showed much care and concern for me throughout the day. Taking time to feel my head to see if it's hot, get me anything I needed, ask me if I wanted to take a nap, and talk in really sweet voices to me. At one point Harrison said, "Mom, why don't you lie down right here and I'll go get you a glass of ice water." Adorable.

Post Script: I failed to mention that Nate was also very sweet to take care of the kids all day, even though he started to feel sick in the afternoon.

Also sweet: I lost 4 lbs. in about 36 hours. Nothing like a good stomach bug to help you lose the baby weight. If I can keep those off (which is not likely), I'll only have 10 to go. Plus the 7 or so that I gained before I got pregnant. But really, any weight loss, in any way is highly appreciate around here. Note to self: Do NOT gain 40 pounds next pregnancy. Seriously, if I'd gained my typical 25, I'd be more than done by now!

I guess the day was pretty fitting considering Motherhood in general is definitely a little sickly and a lot sweet.


Nash said...

what a bummer. i was sick too. in and out of bed all day. i am starting to worry though, my kids had no intentions of making breakfast for me. i had to wake them up.
great job on the weight loss, you can keep it off if you are really careful as you get your appetite back. i did that once 4lbs, and gained it back immediately.
good luck.

trishanna said...

I love the key chains!I truely love cheesy stuff like that. tell nate good job!

Dan and Dee said...

No fun being sick!
The key chains made me go "ahhh".
I love that Nate is creative.
Enjoyed the Easter pics and blog as well...