Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Look Back at April

Here's a look back at the pictures from last month that didn't make it into a post of their own.

Johnny Boy's 2 month pictures.

The sweater outfit my mom gave him that I love! He's gotten really good at smiling!

My 100% Hapa kids! Nate's sister, Rachael made all the grandkids these shirts for Christmas. "Hapa" means half (or mixed) in Hawaiian. They are definitely 100% Half.

I mentioned Harrison's obsession with Japan (thanks to Karate Kid). Well, that has also got him obsessed about how Japanese everyone is. There is a boy in his class who is a quarter Japanese, and he is fluent in Japanese, so Harrison often says, "I wish I were a quarter Japanese and then I could speak Japanese." He also can't believe that I'm not at all Japanese since I can speak some Japanese and write in Japanese. He often asks me if Johnny is "Full Baby." And when he will be "Half Baby." So funny.

I thought it was so funny how he fell asleep with his hand up. He never did relax and put it down.

Power to the people!

The kindergartners did animal reports. Harrison's was on the Polar Bear. We all learned a lot about Polar Bears. I also learned a lot about patience.

Harrison had his recital for Let's Play Music. He did a great job playing his bells and singing.

Silly girls at playgroup!


The Birnels, who are friends of friends, recently moved here and have become friends of ours. Brittany is quite the party thrower. Elizabeth had the privilege of attending Stella's Fairy Party and came home with a head to toe fairy outfit. Thanks, Brittany, for supplying Elizabeth's Halloween costume months in advance!

To see more details from this amazing party and lots of other great stuff, go to Brittany's Blog here. Elizabeth is the one in the denim dress.

I love it when babies fall asleep in someone's arms (preferably mine). Notice the little drool drop. . .

. . .and down it goes.

Harrison rediscovered "Jay Jay's Movie" an independent film that Uncle Jayson stared in called "Big Dreams Little Tokyo." This further fueled his love for anything Japanese. When Jayson and Victoria drove through, Harrison wanted to get a picture with "Jerome" on the screen and in person. (Notice Harrison is wearing a "gi." That Karate Kid post is coming up next!)

Elizabeth looks much more like Auntie Victoria than her own mother. They don't even share any blood!

That was the rest of April, fools! (said in best Mr. T. voice).


trishanna said...

such cute photos. harrison is so handsome and jonny(or johnny) is adorable! it makes me excited for the baby to get here(where most the time I secretly dread it) clay and the boys are going thru there(im not going due to 18 hr car ride) so maybe they will stop by.

Dan and Dee said...

Loved the T shirts, the darling baby- cute sweater Karen, teen crush story, and the darling b/day party is so creative-I even went to your friend's site and saw how cute it looked. Dang some people are talented! If Harrison wants something from Japan tell me soon as I will be going May 28th, coming to US in June and could mail something to him. We always take in the 100 Yen shop!

Dan and Dee said...

Oh, and a project in Kindergarten--you've got to be kidding! You have a long road ahead of you Michelle. It looked awesome, but Kindergarten...?