Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update, Gymnasitcs & Vegas

I have to take a little break from all the catch up posts and do some current events, or I'll get way too behind! I am 37 weeks today. Black is supposed to be slimming. . .I guess there are somethings that just can't be hidden!

Harrison officially lost his first tooth this week. (Not counting the one he had pulled a few months ago.) He was very excited!

I'm a little sad because that seems like such a grown up thing to have happen. Plus, once the big teeth come in, they don't look like little kids anymore. It's the beginning of the funny looking stage until they get all their big teeth in, braces on and then off. I told him he looks like a jack-o-lantern. He liked that and tells everyone.

Harrison and Nate went to Skate City for a fundraiser for school. It was Harrison's first time skating. Despite the serious look of concentration here, he said he had a great time. Nate said whenever Harrison saw one of his friends, he'd try to go really fast. Funny.

Elizabeth has been really sick for a few days. That's always sad, but she's better today. She is very good at playing the part of the patient, needing to be held constantly and carried every where for the first day and a half. At least I was able to get a lot of my book read!

Nate FINALLY sold his Altima this weekend. It has been sitting in front of our house for about 17 months. I have threatened several times to give it away. Not having a 13 year-old, faded, peeling, magenta car parked in front of our house has caused our white trash level to go way down and our property value to go way up. Nate is a sentimental guy and says he feels like he lost a child. I said I feel like I finally took a dump that was a long time coming (I'm afraid my white trash level just rose again with that comment.)

Harrison gave his second talk in Primary today. I forgot about it and didn't end up writing it until last night. We practiced a few times last night and a few times this morning and he was able to memorize the whole thing (granted it followed a pattern and was very basic). I could tell he was nervous and shy about it, but he did the whole thing! I was so proud of him and know he felt good about himself. His theme was, "I Know Heavenly Father and Jesus Love Me."

Alright, back to the vacation posts. The day after Christmas, we rented out a gymnastics place. They all had fun playing around and the former gymnasts got to relive their glory days. Elizabeth liked being rolled around in the donut. It was a hair raising experience.

There are some videos of Nate and Harrison's tricks at the end of this post. I can't figure out how to move them up here.

Straight from the gym we left for Vegas. Jayson and Victoria came with us. Here we are at the lion exhibit at the MGM Grand. There is a glass tunnel that you can walk through and the lion was asleep right overhead. At one point the lion woke up and Harrison shimmied down off of Jayson's shoulders as fast as he could. It was pretty funny.

We went to M&M world, which was kind of fun. I really could have lived without the super lame 3-D movie.

The gem of Vegas is the Bellagio fountain, in my opinion. Here we are waiting for it to start. Unfortunately, walking over a mile to get to it while being 8 months pregnant and having a plantars wart on my foot didn't make for a very enjoyable experience. Neither did the people handing out "advertisements." If you've been to Vegas at night, you know what I'm talking about. Harrison kept looking down and asking "what are those magnets all over the ground?" I felt like the worst parent on earth. Seriously, who takes their kids to the strip on a Saturday night? I guess the kind of people who leave a junkie old car parked in front of their house for a year and a half.

Not only were my kids improperly dressed for the cold, and exposed to lots of pictures of improperly dressed women, but they were also kept up WAY too late! Can you tell I had a bit of a B.A. about this night? The only redeeming factor was that we stayed in the nicest hotel of our entire trip. I took a long bath to relieve my aching feet and body and then had the best night's sleep in one of the most comfortable beds I've ever slept in. You're welcome for the free endorsement, Staybridge Suites.

So here are the video clips from the gym (Keep in mind, this was all the same day. With a 6 hour drive in between. Just trying to put all of my complaining into perspective.) Nate was happy that he "still had it." I always love to see him do his thing.

Harrison wants to be just like his dad.

Only 3 more posts to go and I'm done with this trip!


jtibs said...

I'm dying. I can't believe you actually put your dump comment on here? I'd love to be a fly on the wall when your mom reads that.

The Morris Family said...

You make me laugh so much Michelle! I love the picture of you and your cute belly. You look fantastic! And by the way, the dump comment almost make me snort my coffee through my nose! ;) Awesome!

Libby said...

I love the preggo picture. You are lucky you look so cute!
I'm with you on the bad attitude about Vegas. J always wants to stop there on our road trips but I try to arrange to be the driver so I can speed on past.

Melissa said...

You are so dang hilarious. I loved the whole paragraph about selling the car.