Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I just made a list of all the posts I need to do and there are 10!!! This is the first one from early December. We set the tree up Thanksgiving weekend, knowing we would only get to enjoy it until the 17th. Harrison was especially excited about putting up all of the decorations and his enthusiasm for decorating and all things Christmas has still not died down (it's now January!)

I decided to bust out the Christmas PJ's on the first night of December, because you may as well enjoy them during the Christmas season, right? I've mentioned Elizabeth's aversion to feet PJ's (these were purchased on clearance last March, and she didn't mind them then), so these PJ's were only ever used for photo ops! Harrison wore his pretty faithfully though.

We hosted playgroup and I like to have a craft. So we got beads and made various Christmas ornaments/jewelry. Harrison had been on a bead kick, so this kept him busy for days. Here are Logan, Harrison and Elizabeth showing off their creations.
Don't mind E's off the shoulder look. She refused to change out of her dance outfit that day, and it was a little big on her.
Reed, Hudson and my kids doing more beads.

My amazingly talented friend, Sara, that I grew up with in Japan, created this darling advent calendar for a Super Saturday class a few years ago. She was so sweet to send me one of her extra kits. I totally forgot to get it ready in time for last Christmas, but this year, I spent the last two days of November assembling it and I LOVE it!
The covers are magnetic and you put them over a mini-muffin tin, with a treat under each one.
Early in December I came downstairs to this. Harrison had been busy all morning "packing for our road trip," which was still at least 2 weeks away. He had asked me for the "Christmas lunchboxes" the day before and I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he started describing them to me in detail (he had remembered them from last year). So I got them out and then he put them to great use.

Please note all the necessities for a road trip in the mind of a 5 year old. My favorite is that he remembered the can opener for the canned goods he wanted to bring along. Must never leave home with out plenty of Bakugan paraphernalia and some Christmas decorations for good measure.

This is totally random, but I thought it was funny that they were sleeping in the exact same position!
We knew we only had two Sundays in December in our own ward, so we donned Oufits of Christmas Past the first week. That skirt is 12 months and it still fits her. I didn't realize I was in on the coordination until my friend pointed it out (my skirt was grey.) I guess I really just can't help but match, whether I mean to or not. (Nate was on his 2 week business trip, that's why he's not in this picture.)
Rico Suave and his side kick.
They really do love each other.
A lot!

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Dan and Dee said...

I am so glad you posted the advent calendar picture. What a clever, clever idea! I love it!
I will have to show it to the ladies here in Russia as they wanted me to help them make something (they told me just as I was leaving to come to the states so I whipped the smallest of things together to teach them). This is great, I am going to keep it for next years idea!