Monday, January 18, 2010

Sandy Wego

Lots of pictures in this post! The kids and Nate were excited to go to "Sandy Wego," as Elizabeth called it. Nate thinks San Diego is the best place on earth. Literally, he has a whole speech about it. I seriously beg to differ, and have quite a speech I could give about that, but I'll spare you. I was really glad that my kids got to spend time with Nate's brother, Tim's, kids who they rarely see.

Watching my husband and daughter walk toward me across the beach was one of the highlights of the trip for me.

Tim and Nate having a handstand contest. Guess who won?

Harrison always has and always will LOVE the beach!

A somewhat decent family picture.

I think it was supposed to be a heart that said "luv."

Always wanting to do what her brother does.

Kristen, Uncle Tim and Harrison.

So him!

I'll admit, the beach really does provide endless hours of entertainment.

One day we went to a little amusement park on the beach. Harrison and his cousins rode this bumper car ride over and over!

Kristen and Harrison on a different car ride.

Harrison always needs to warm up to the more daring rides. By the end he was ready to go on this one with Kristen, Jacob and Ian.

He really liked it. (So did Ian, even though he looks kind of miserable here!)

Another day we were supposed to go the San Diego Zoo. I was nervous about this, because it would entail a lot of walking and after the Vegas experience, I knew I wasn't up for that. The plan was to push me in a wheel chair, which I had mixed feelings about. We ended up getting a flat tire and long story short, I didn't go to the zoo. These little monkeys went and had a great time.

Harrison really loved his cousin Ian!

Giving the gorilla a hug.

Daddy/Daughter self-portrait!

Everybody loves Uncle Jayson!

The other highlight of the San Diego trip for me was eating at this really yummy Mexican restaurant, Santana's. I got a carne asada and shrimp burrito that was delicious.

On a completely different topic, I would like to hear if you have an opinion on repeating Kindergarten. Harrison has a late birthday (July) and I was torn as to whether or not to start him this year. I decided to go ahead and try it with the attitude of possibly repeating. Things have been so-so. I get good behavior reports 3 or 4 out of 5 days a week. The teacher says that he has a lot of trouble getting his work done. I enrolled him in a charter school for Kindergarten for next year and just found out today that he got selected in the lottery. It's supposed to be an excellent school. So now I have to decide, repeat Kindergarten at the charter school, or move on to 1st grade in his current school. The other thing about the charter school is that now I have my foot in the door and all of my children would be able to go there. Do I want to pass up that opportunity? It's a two part dilemma. Repeat Kindergarten? Go to a charter school? Let me tell you, this decision is not helping my pregnancy insomnia at all! Any thoughts?


The Morris Family said...

Michelle, I don't think that there is anything wrong with repeating Kindergarten at all. Boys do tend to take longer to "mature" so being the youngest can be rough. It might do him good to repeat...better to hold him back now then realize later that you should have or need to. You know? Also, if this school that you got into is really good and a place that you can see yourself sending your kids in the future then I say go for it! You won't hurt him by repeating Kindergarten, you'll only give him a stronger foundation for future learning. Just my two cents! Good luck with your decision.

Jordan Merrell said...

It looks like you guys had some wonderful trips! I am very impressed with all your traveling being pregnant! You look so good!!! If it means going to the Charter school, I would definitely have him repeat kindergarten. Tyson goes to a charter school and it is AMAZING! I completely love everything about it. Easton (my #2) has a July birthday and rather than have him repeat kindergarten (which I definitely thought about), I just started him late at preschool. I felt like even though he may seem ready, it will be better to be older (especially for a boy) when he gets older. The maturity thing, driving (I would rather him be the one driving than being a passenger), peer pressure, sports (my husbands concern of course), dating, and a bunch of other things played into our decisions. I still question it but I think it will be the best choice for Easton in the long run. Good luck! It is an awfully hard decision and because of it, I have sworn that I will never have another summer baby :) Good luck!

Christensen's said...

I would only hesitate if it would bother or affect my son. If he for a second thought of himself as "not as smart" since all his friends would be moving on, and if he was doing well (enough) academically at his grade level, I would probably move him on up. I happen to know a few people who repeated a grade and later on said they always felt dumb or a step behind because their parents kept them back--and continued to feel that way until they were adults; when actually, they happen to be very bright people! Maybe BECAUSE they repeated the grade! Tough decision! Good luck! Either way, you sure have darling kids!

Nash said...

i think you can take half a unisom and a b12 (maybe google it) that should help you sleep and feel ok. check with your doc. also melatonin is natural, should be able to take it to help you sleep.
you look so cute in your black dress.
san diego! you were close to pauline and rod. they are in poway (by escondido).