Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Continued

I've mentioned Harrison's obsession with all things Christmas. He spent much of the season working on Christmas cards for friends, including all the kids on our cul-de-sac. (Merry Christmas Logan)
Complete with decorated envelopes.

Making gift tags (after he had cleaned Nate's mom out of most of her gift tag supply making MORE Christmas cards).

Wrapping up Christmas erasers for all his friends (I love the amount of tape that went into each wrap job).

And decorating anything and everything that would hold still.

He asked for a Santa hat and I couldn't resist when I found them on clearance. This was Polar Express day at school. All the kids wore their PJ's. They read and watched Polar Express, had hot chocolate and were given these cute candy trains. "We" (mostly me) made the adorable snowman craft at playgroup.

We went to see Santa at the library and it went much better than last year. Mostly because 1) Nate was with us 2)I didn't have a huge sty in my eye making me look deformed 3)Both kids' hair was done before we got there 4)Harrison didn't fight with any kids or make any strangers bleed 5)Elizabeth wasn't scared of Santa.
We enjoyed going with several friends (unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of everyone). Here are our kids with the Welches. Gillespies, Jensens, Hoopes, and Johnsons were also there.

Harrison and Logan: Best Buddies. According to Harrison, Logan will also be his favorite mission companion.

Harrison helped Elizabeth decide that Logan would be a good choice in marriage partners for her, after ruling out anyone in our family, any girls, and anyone who "doesn't know the church." He said, "Why don't you marry Logan. He really knows the church." Since then it was decided that she'll marry Logan. Well, this night, Mina informed me that Logan frequently tells her that he likes (or was it loves?) all his friends, but he REALLY likes Elizabeth. So now it's official. They are betrothed. Cute couple, don't you think? For the record, Harrison has been betrothed to our friend Mike and Chyelin's daughter, Cassidy, in California since he was 1 and she was born. He knows this and is very accepting of his arranged marriage.
It was so sweet how Harrison and Elizabeth held hands while waiting for their turn to see Santa.
I love his face here. Harrison didn't seem to mind that Santa kept calling him Garrison.

Big hugs for Santa. He told him he wanted a Bakugan Bowl (which had already been purchased by Grandma.)

Santa asked all about Elizabeth's broken arm. I was so happy she actually talked to him this year!
Even if she was still a little shy.
She asked him for a Barbie. When he wondered what kind she said Sleepy Beauty. Uh-oh, someone needs to make another trip to Wal-Mart.

The day we left for our trip was the day of Harrison's Christmas party at school. I only went to the tail end of it because I was busy getting ready to leave, but they looked like they had had a good time.

Before I had kids, I always thought the crafty gifts that kids made for their parnets at school were pretty tacky and that I wouldn't really want to display them. Well, my feelings have definitely changed on that one. They made an ornament with his hand print on it. He had made every finger into a snowman. Then there was a poem about this isn't just 5 little snowmen, it's my hand and every year when you trim the tree, you'll remember how small I used to be. I totally started crying. I'm sure a lot of it was pregnancy induced, but I pictured getting the ornament out every year and remembering him in Kindergarten and how sweet he was and how much he loved Christmas. He is growing up way too fast and I love him so much! He seemed very touched that I was crying "happy tears" over his gift.
I hope my kids' love of Christmas never dwindles! It makes it even more special for me!

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The Morris Family said...

Michelle, I love reading your blog. You have such a way with words and always make me laugh. Your children are just beautiful and full of so much personality. I can't wait to read the updates when baby #3 arrives. Happy New Year and keep the great blogs coming!
Erin (McKenny) Morris