Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I guess my subconscious misses sugar more than my conscious, because the past three nights I have had dreams that I'm eating sweets. Usually midway through gobbling up the cookie or candy or what-have-you I realize what I'm doing and say, "Oh no, I shouldn't be eating this!" One time I said, "Don't tell Jenni." (We're both off sugar until the cake buffet). I usually realize it's a dream and then just keep eating. How could I harness these dreams so that I can stuff my face in my dreams all night? Wouldn't that be awesome if we could totally control our dreams?

We went to the pool today as a family and I swam around a mile, I think. I got all mixed up when counting the lengths and laps (probably due to the lack of oxygen). Nate swam 200 meters (he had already lifted weights for over an hour). He wants to be able to swim a mile without stopping. I just want to be able to swim a half mile without stopping (after almost every single length!) I told Nate that this should be our Saturday morning tradition. The kids love it and it's great exercise for us. That makes the 6th day this week that I have worked out and that is a personal record of mine! Watching Biggest Loser today was motivating. In the past I always watched while eating a bowl of ice cream, but things have changed!

We also attempted to take family pictures today with Melissa Howell (Remember the contest I encourage everyone to enter? Well, Jenni won and I had referred her, so I won too! Yeah!) I say attempted, because with a tired 4 year old and an uncooperative, unbribeable 20 month old, and lots of wind, it was more difficult than I had imagined it would be. I'm sure there will be some good pictures and I'm excited to see them. More details on the photo shoot to come!

P.S. Our camera battery is dead and we're waiting for the new one to arrive, that's why there have been no pictures lately. And my cell phone died once and for all when I dropped it for the hundredth time. So I'm waiting for a new one of those in the mail too.

Anyway, may we all have sweet dreams tonight!


Jenni C. said...

I can't believe your are still dreaming about sugar. I love it! Your poor little body is telling you something I sugar, eat sugar. But, you are awesome that you haven't eaten it. I can't wait until Saturday!!

Luisa said...

Michelle--you are amazing. I have a lot of selfcontrol when it comes to sweets and working out. I do 5Ks and Tris but getting up at whatever unearthly hour it is that you do that--that is unbelieveable. I don't have that commitment. I can't wait until you post your after pictures of your buff self.
PS will you be in a string bikini? B/c if so, I can't wait!