Monday, September 15, 2008

Hilarious Harrison and Another Thing That Cracks Me Up

Harrison's new thing is to give me a tight hug and say, "Sooo squishy." I don't know where he got that, I guess he's probably smart enough to come to that conclusion on his own. Sad, but true.

His other new thing is to give up arguing fairly quickly, do a big overly dramatic shrug and say, "Whatever." I need to get it on tape and put it on here, because it's pretty funny. It's one of those things that won't be funny for long though and I should probably nip it in the bud.

TMI Warning! The other morning Harrison was in bed with us and said to me, "Excuse me Mommy, please don't let your gas out on me." Apparently, he has much better manners than his mother.

He told me that yesterday in church they learned about Lazarus. Matthew got to be Lazarus and was wrapped in paper toilet (H's word for toilet paper) and he got to be Jesus and said, "Lazarus, come forth." I have to say that Sister Amison is a wonderful teacher and we love how much he is learning in Sunbeams!

He is also very good about reminding me that we need to read Book of Mormon stories before he goes to bed each night. We have one of those old-school comic strip style ones and he loves it. He is obsessed with all the bow and arrow pictures and stories. (I never realized how much violence was in the Book of Mormon -- I guess the Bible too, until I saw it through the eyes of a 4 year-old boy). He especially loves the story about Nephi's bow and wants to read it every night. The other night he said, "I'm going to pray to Jesus that he can get me a new bow and arrow like Nephi." Keep praying, little one, you're not getting it until Christmas!

The last thing that is cracking me up is that Nate got this in the mail from his school.
I never thought of Nate as a person "of color" before. I guess that anyone who is not white is included in this group. It cracks him up too. Unfortunately, we can't go, so we won't get to mingle who all the other minorities at the school. I'm excited for when the kids start applying for college and we can milk this "of color" thing for all it's worth!


Sue Sparks said...

I really think you ought to get the award for "Most Humorous Blog!":)

ray said...

It thought "person of color" was un-PC these days. Shows what I know. I was making these cute, framed labels for my 3 laundry baskets and I purposefully put "colorful clothes" and "white clothes", etc instead of just "whites" and "colors". A little too "Birmingham" for me.