Thursday, October 28, 2010

Backyard Fun with Friends

We had a playdate with Andrew and Hudson and they showed my kids how to use their imaginations and play outside. We did stuff like this all the time as kids, but my kids don't. Am I suppossed to teach them? Hopefully arranging playdates with other kids will do the trick!
These were their "Animal Houses." The used just about every plastic container I had and most of our plastic animals. It was great. Kept them entertained for a long time!
Here's Elizabeth with our neighbor/BFF Natalia. It's a cross-cultural relationship. Natalia gives them all sorts of Polish food (mostly candy) and we give her some Japanese food, like these Spam Musubi. She liked it. My kids also think they're learning Polish. They often tell me, "Mom, I know how to say bum in Polish. Bum."
They had matching dresses that they were both growing out of, so we did a photoshoot one day. Let me tell you, having a neighbor close in age to your child is the best thing ever! They have so much fun together and get along great (most of the time!)


Welsch Family said...

so darling! Ella has friends so close by also. Isn't it the greatest?

brittany said...

i love when they entertain themselves outside for long periods of time!

also, i'm loving the matching dresses. so cute.