Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let's Play Music

As always, I've got so much catching up to do, but I've got to start somewhere. So I'll start with a plug for our music class, in hopes of winning a giveaway.

You may have noticed the button for our Let's Play Music that I've had on my sidebar for a while now. One of my dear friends, Jenni, is a teacher for their amazing music program. It teaches kids a ton of music theory and technique through play. Harrison has learned so much in the year and 2 months that he's been going to music classes. Music has always come to him naturally, so I am thrilled to build on that and get him started at a young age. I will put Elizabeth in too, but for different reasons. She is not as musical, but I've already seen her come a long way just from listening to Let's Play Music CD's and watching Harrison practice. I am learning so much too!

Check to see if there is a Let's Play Music teacher in your area! You'll be so glad you did.

P.S. I vow to do at least one post a week until I'm caught up.

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trishanna said...

I need your address so I can send you an annoucement!