Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Passtime

This summer Harrison tried baseball for the first time. After practicing in the back yard with dad, they graduated to the batting cages. (Please note tongue stuck out in concentration, inherited from mom who inherited from grandma who inherited from great grandma).

The practice paid off. See the ball? He made contact consistently.
Fielding? Not as fun! Especially considering it was always hotter than you-know-where.

After the first game and we went to the park by the fields. Here's my cute girl.

And my cute boy.

Some post-game Father/Son playtime.

We had Rockies tickets from Nate's work. At the last minute I decided it really wouldn't be that fun to take a baby to a baseball game (especially with the threatening weather -- check out that ominous sky). Plus even without the baby excuse, I'm usually bored once all the treats are gone. So I got the kids decked out in their purple, met up with Nate and sent them off.

Elizabeth was asleep for the pass off (too bad you can't see her Rockies shirt).

They left shortly after they arrived. So basically, they had a fun train ride into the city and back. One of the kids enjoyed this adventure and the other didn't. Can you guess?

Ah, baseball. A somewhat fun passtime. I don't know about favorite.


brittany said...

i love sending the older kids with ryan and staying home with the baby. such a smart thing us moms do :)

Jessica and Trent said...

i love this post..haha. you and nate are such cute parents! i love the pictures with nate and harrison at the park :)