Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kailua Beach

Saturday, June 5
We were all getting sad that the end of our trip was approaching. This was our last full day. The kids played in the morning. Throughout the trip they loved playing with their cousins -- jumping on the trampoline, playing Sorry, basketball, baseball, and dress-up.
For our last beach trip, we decided to go to Kailua Beach, their local beach. I loved Kailua town. It's a fun little downtown with shopping and restaurants. The beach was nice too. Except, we saw a rat climbing in the bushes and that about did me in. (Intense fear of rats. I'd kill endless amounts of spiders and hold multiple snakes over being anywhere near a rat.)

Boogie boards make great baby shades.
Sleepy girl. We were all getting up around 6 AM everyday (jet lag + sleeping with the windows open = no sleeping in). She usually sleeps until 8 or 9, so I figured by this point she had lost almost two whole night's worth of sleep.
We decided we better let Johnny get in the ocean at least once on our trip. He seemed a little overstimulated.
But he sure was cute in his swimsuit.
Nate, Harrison and Maya swam out to that island in the background.
This one hand in the air pose was a favorite of hers on this trip!
Gecko! I love geckos. They are so cute and they eat bugs!
In all my trips to Hawaii I had never tried Shave Ice. So we finally got some on the last day. We went to the shop that President Obama always goes to when he visits. It did not disappoint.
That night our niece, Shelby, who is staying with the Colmans while she's on summer break from BYU, watched all the kids while Rachael, Christian, Nate and I went out. We got yummy "plate lunch" (plate dinner?) to go. We considered taking it to eat on the beach, but it was pitch dark and the idea of eating on a pitch dark beach that I knew a rat lived at was too much for me. So we took it to eat at by a fountain in downtown Kailua. It was fun and a nice way to spend our last night there. We came home and had our nightly ritual of eating Melona Bars (for the last three nights at least -- why did we not discover these earlier in the trip??!!) and playing Bananagrams.


Jessica and Trent said...

michelle!! i have loved reading all of your hawaii posts! i love that elizabeth zonked out! very cute :)

Sue Sparks said...

All these Hawaii photos makes me miss it:( I went to Hawaii four times in less than three years to visit Jesse and Lois, but he graduated in April.
Your three little keiki are cute:)

Dan and Dee said...

sooo funny about the melona bars. I have never had one but was told I need to try them. They are from Korea and I couldn't find them when we were there this month...
How sad that you didn't try the shave ice until the last part of your trip! yum yum yum!
We are hoping to go in October with Lewis and family, Tiana and Jason, and Candace. Clinton can't get away.
I hope we get to go. Your trip sounded so so wonderful! Great pictures! Y'all look super!