Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cemetery & Pali Look Out

Sunday, May 30

After going to church, we wanted to do some Sabbath appropriate activities. First we visited the cemetery where Nate's maternal grandparents are buried. I had forgotten that Nate's mother's father's name was Hisashi. Now the "Hisa" part of Johnny's middle name, Masahisa, has even more meaning!

Here's Harrison posing by great-grandma's grave. The "Moto" in his middle name, Masamoto, is after her.

(Don't mind the white haze in all of our pictures. We finally realized the lens was dirty, three days into our trip.)
It was nice to visit the cemetery the day before Memorial Day. Every grave had beautiful tropical flowers on it.

Us and the Colmans

The cousins

Some sweet Father/Son moments

Elizabeth took a quick liking to Auntie Ray Ray on this trip. She had just woken up from a nap and would only be comforted by one person. On the way home we went to Pali Look Out. Nate described it as "this place that's really windy." Until you're in a place that's really windy, you don't realize how fun and entertaining it is. We had lots of laughs and took lots of pictures.

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