Friday, June 11, 2010

Bellows Beach

Nate reminded me of one very important detail I failed to mention about the plane trip.

Back up nine years to us flying to Hawaii for our honeymoon. A young couple asked us if we minded splitting up so they could sit together, because they were on their honeymoon. Feeling a little sorry for them we explained that we were also on our honeymoon, so no, we didn't want to split up.

On United, they play the "Halfway to Hawaii" game. They tell you how fast you're going, how many miles the trip is and how fast the head wind is and then you're supposed to estimate the exact time (to the second) that you'll be halfway to Hawaii. Well, I was very proud, when my husband won the game! I mean I knew he was kind of a nerd on the inside, but this was impressive! Unfortunately, the prize was a bottle of wine. Since we don't drink, we gave it to the other honeymooners. But I got the real prize of spending eternity with such a brilliant guy.

When they announced the game on this flight I really put the pressure on Nate. I wanted him to be 2 for 2. He was a little nervous that he wouldn't be able to do it again, but my confidence in him was very strong. They had improved the prize, an Israel Wakawakawhateverhisnameis CD (huge Hawaiian guy who sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World Medley). More than the CD, I just wanted to know that my man still had it (mathematically). I told him to do the math and then we'd use our 4 entries to make estimates around his answer.

So he did (although I had to remind him how to do long division - I'll tell you what, nothing improves your basic math skills like teaching elementary school for three years!) He came up with two answers. So for my entry I figured out halfway between those two, rounded to a nice palindromic number 12:22:12 PM.

Throughout the flight I kept wondering when they were going to announce the winner. Finally at the end they did, and I'm sure you can guess whose name they called. Yours truly in seat 31D, only off by 20 seconds! I was beyond thrilled. I don't know why I get a little competitive about things like that. I was thinking, "Ya suckas, I'm married to the best numbers guy out of two entire airplanes full of people! And he doesn't even look it!" (Okay, the Asian part, yes. The nerdy part, most definitely not.) I was so proud of Nate, and had to give myself a little credit for helping with the long division and guessing such a visually pleasing and accurate answer. It was a great way to start our trip.

Saturday, May 29

I should mention that we were able to watch Nathaniel, Maya, and Grant each play baseball while we were there. This was great because Harrison had just started his first season of baseball, so he got to see how the game goes. The only picture I got of this part of the trip was one Harrison took at the field.

In the afternoon, Rachael and I went to Costco. You can learn a lot about a place by visiting their Costco -- every macadamia nut creation you can imagine, a way better produce section, many more Asian treats, plus a live band out front.

The men and kids went to Bellows, another beach near their house.
Harrison has LOVED the water since he was a baby!

He takes after his dad. Elizabeth is more of a stay on the sand kind of girl. Takes after me.

When the poor thing finally ventured in to the water, she got stung by a "blue bubble." (Portuguese man-of-war). When we got the call at Costco, I felt so bad for her, but was also kind of glad I wasn't there, because I knew it would take her a while to get over it.
The report was that she did indeed whine/cry about it for three hours.

The happier members of the group!

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Dan and Dee said...

So sad about the blue bubbles. BUT the rest of the trip looked like great fun! Love your blog entries Michelle!
I won second place on the guess the half way mark clear back when I was 16 and went over to visit my sister in Hawaii. (back then it was champagne for 1st place-I won bamboo cups) I can appreciate your excitement! Good for Nate!!!