Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lots of Cousins!

About a week before we left for Virginia, Nate's sister, Rachael made a last-minute decision to come to the mainland from Hawaii for a month long tour of visiting family. Her trip started and ended in Denver, so we had the great pleasure of seeing her and her 4 kids at the beginning and end of their trip. They arrived Friday night. Saturday morning around 5:30 we got a phone call from another sister, Emi, that they were driving from Ohio to Utah and had the chance to turn off for Denver right then. . .could they come see us? Of course! The more the merrier! So that weekend we had 5 adults and 10 kids staying at our house. I must say I was actually grateful for the last minute nature of all of these visits. I was much less stressed than I would have been had I known they were all coming. Instead, I had the great excuse of having little time to prepare!

Here all the 10 cousins who had a great time getting reacquainted with each other. (Sadly, we don't see either of these families as much as we see our Utah cousins!)

Harrison and Grant are almost exactly a year apart.

We bust out Rockband for any and all visitors.

Elizabeth adored "Mayna" aka Maya.

Saturday we went to Civic Green Park and had a picnic. Here's Uncle Nay Nay with Nathaniel and Faith.

The kids had a blast playing in the pop up fountains.

And on the playground.

Cute Gabe!

Isaac was born right after we found out we were having a baby boy, and we spent all of Christmas vacation that year holding him, adoring him, and anxiously awaiting the chance to hold our own sweet baby boy. He's almost 6 now! He, Harrison and Grant got along great!

The girls: Elizabeth, Faithy, Maya, and Maile!

We didn't get pictures a day at Southridge Rec Center Pool. Or a trip to the library for all the other kids while Harrison went to the Dr. for his 5 yr. check up and lots of shots that he did NOT like!

The last night, Nate took the boys to a Colorado Rockies game.

These three little ladies went to dinner with the mommies (at Hacienda, of course. The only place we take out out of town visitors!)
Then we tried to put them to bed together.

We hope that the Colman's and England's (and anyone else who wants to) will come visit again soon!

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