Monday, August 24, 2009

Sports Camp

I realized I missed a few things even farther back than the 4th of July. The last week of June, Harrison and his two best buddies, Andrew and Logan did a sports camp. It was basketball, soccer, and baseball. It was a REALLY hot, sunny week, three hours a day with no shade, but he loved it nonetheless.

The highlight of it all for me had to be when I was saying goodbye to him one day and he gave my arm a squeeze and a kiss and said,
"I'll miss your flat (his way of saying fat) arms."

Maybe the fact that yours truly would have absolutely hated the whole sports camp experience as a child or as an adult explains the "flat" arms situation. If you've never seen me in an athletic situation let's just say my brother was right in high school when he said I have about as much coordination as a Jewish Rabbi. And exerting any physical effort in that heat, forget it. I could hardly stand waiting in line for the drop off and pick up.

Let's just hope that my kids inherit their athletic genes from their father and every single one of my siblings. How it bypassed me will forever be a mystery.

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Libby said...

He cracks me up!
And I'm with you on the whole sports and heat thing. That's why we call volleyball the perfect sport: No sitting in the heat, cold, snow, or rain to cheer M on.;)