Tuesday, September 22, 2009


In true Colorado fashion, we sent summer out with a bang. On yesterday, the last day of the season, it snowed and got REALLY cold!

I had forgotten what cold really feels like and had to laugh that I thought all the cute, short sleeved maternity shirts I've been buying on clearance would last through this whole pregnancy. I guess now I need to invest in a long-sleeved maternity undershirt to go under all the shirts. Or a sweater. Probably both.

Anyway, for those who have not had any interaction with me in the past month (because believe me, it's about all I can talk about) I have my ultrasound tomorrow and get to finally find out the gender of this baby.

I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I do not understand how people can wait twice as long as they have to to find out. I am bummed that I've had to wait the full 20 weeks (I'm officially half-way done, bytheway), when the gender can be seen at at 14/16 weeks. This information is life-changing. And I want to start planning and envisioning those life-changes, ASAP. I still feel really strongly that it's a boy, but I may be surprised.

The other day Elizabeth told me she'd cry if the baby was a boy. Then she overheard me telling my mom that. So she said, "No, if the baby's a boy, I'll be happy and if the baby's a girl, I'll be happy, but if the baby's a monster, I'll run away." Well, I thought that was about the funniest thing I had heard, so I proceeded to recount the story to several people. Now she knows I think it's funny, so she says it all the time.

Harrison has also said that he will be happy either way. Nate has strongly expressed that he wants another boy. Period. I really do want another boy, because I want Harrison to have a brother and he's not getting any younger. Plus, I grew up with boy/girl/boy/girl/boy/girl, and liked it, so I wanted the same (minus the last two). But finding out there would be more pink and bows and bracelets in my future would be an easy pill to swallow. And then Elizabeth would have a sister only 3 years apart. As I stated in a previous post, we want one more of each anyway, so really it's fine either way.

Stayed tuned for the answer tomorrow. And pray the baby cooperates.

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jtibs said...

I hope you post right away so we all know what the baby is. Also I'm glad its not snowing here yet-I am NOT ready for that.