Monday, September 7, 2009

To Go Forward or Back?

Blogging, like scrap booking (which I long ago gave up on) presents quite a dilemma. Catch up before you move on? Or just start where you are and keep moving forward? I am feeling a little tired of having a huge list of posts hanging over my head. But I DO want to eventually get to them. This is my only source of family history, after all.

But sometimes I also want to live in the now. And sometimes I need to ramble on about my own thoughts and feelings to remember that this is my blog, and not just a record of everything my darling children do and say.

So I will say that Nate has again returned from one of his two week "business" trips to Santa Maria. Have I mentioned how old these trips are getting? He has taken an exorbitant amount of them this year, all of which have been at least 2 weeks long!

This one was especially distressing because I am pregnant, and tired, we were all sick when he left, and I had a lot of things to do that required me to leave the kids with various friends and babysitters more often than I wanted to.

The morning Nate left, Harrison get really choked up when saying goodbye and then ran up to his room and buried his head in his pillow, crying. Now if that's not heartbreaking, I don't know what is. We all missed him very much.

Nate got back Saturday and I went on a girl's night out with my friend Libby and her friend Jenny. I felt kind of bad ditching Nate, but 1) we had been planning it since July and the date was picked out before his trip was scheduled and 2)he just wanted to watch the BYU game anyway (which I'm actually a little sad I missed, but I watched the highlights on ESPN with Nate's commentary) and 3)I deserved a break, goshdangit!. So we went to see Julie & Julia which I really loved. Especially the part when Julia Child's SWEETEST husband was trying to help her figure out her passion in life and she said, "I love to eat." Now that is a girl I can relate with! Speaking of eating, I was STARVED by the end of two hours of watching people cook and eat amazing food. So when we went to a yummy Italian restaurant after, I ate to my heart's content.

Today, I also took advantage of having a husband again and went shopping for some maternity clothes. Namely a dress to wear to a black tie wedding in 2 weeks. Let me say that for a person who wants to dress modestly and who is in the not-really-pregnant-just-fat-looking stage of pregnancy, this is not a very fun thing to shop for. Oh well, it will be fun to go to the wedding and see lots of family. And my sister-in-law and cousin are pregnant too, so we'll all be in the same boat (figuratively and literally, it's a dinner cruise).

Anyway, my point in all of this is that parenting is really a job meant for two people. At least two. I am a firm believer in the thought that "It takes a village to raise a child." I like to frequently remind my family of that when we are together and my children need attention. I am in awe of people who do it alone. If I had to do it alone, I think Social Services would eventually have to intervene. Or a nut house. Probably both.

So, we're very happy to have hubby/daddy back and we will enjoy him as much as possible before he goes back to school next week. 4 nights a week this semester. Heaven help me.

Whenever Nate travels he brings us back "omiyage" (little presents). Since he almost always goes to Santa Maria, mine always include:

A pound of peanut butter chip cookies from Cookie Cookery (the only eating establishment in Santa Maria that I actually miss, which has these amazing cookies that I sadly wasn't introduced to until the last year we lived there.)

And one of these.

For those of you who don't know, I HATE, I mean DETEST and am TERRIFIED OF rats. So Nate and the kids think it is hilarious every time he brings home one of these little treasures. The first time he brought a white one, which I could hardly even bring myself to let the kids eat, let alone me. The red ones are slightly less offensive, since there really aren't any red rats. So if I cut it into small pieces and try to forget that it was once shaped like a rat, I can somewhat enjoy the gummy treat. I still let the kids eat most of it, because really, that's just gross.

Alright. Back to living in the past, until I catch up or get sick of it again.


Sabrina said...

Wow, I guess i've been skimming your blog too much lately but I didn't realize you were pregnant with #3! Wooho... Congrats!
Also thats pretty funny about the rat present. I gave a little chuckle out loud.

jtibs said...

I can't believe you missed the BYU game! I think it was the best game ever.....the only thing that could have maybe made it better is if we played Utah and killed them right after.

Also- I LOVED Julie and Julia. Possibly the best movie this year. I want to cook like that but thus far haven't cooked at all since getting back to UT. (and I know I've been here almost a month but I don't care, take out and cereal is easier).

Jenni C. said...

Bless your soul for making it through all of that. I feel so out of touch of your life the past little while and I feel SO bad that I didn't even know that he was gone until a few days before he got back. Next time PLEASE let me know he is gone and how I can help.

I miss you!!

katie said...

Michelle! How are you? I have been thinking about you for some time and just never get around to doing something about it. I don't know if you have a nursing cover but I came across a website called and if you enter the code "chatter" you get a free one you just have to pay shipping. I just thought you might be interested. I miss you! Congrats on #3!