Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Recession Hurts

Christmas 2005Christmas 2008
I finally realized where Nathan had put all of the pictures from Christmas. When I saw this one, it reminded me of the one of Harrison from 3 years before (same jammies!)

I great blogger knows how to edit and that less is more, so would stop right there. But I am not a less is more kind of a girl. I am more of a blabbering, stream of consciousness kind of girl. So seeing Harrison's owie in the above picture reminded me of another commonality between these two Christmases.
We tend to have pre-Christmas accidents when we're at Obaachan and Ojiichan's house. Christmas Eve of '05 Harrison was in the shower with me and slipped on the wet tile and busted open his eyebrow. Nate's Dad made it even easier for me to avoid the ER by saying "Just let him have a nice scar, he'll look like a samurai." And since he's a boy, I was okay with that. As much as I hate the ER, I probably would have taken him in if he were a girl. Eyebrows are much more important for girls. And samurai isn't really the look we're going for!

Anyway, this year each child had their own personal Christmas injury. Elizabeth was very interested in the stockings and tried to get one down herself. Now we know that those weighted, metal stocking holders (with very pointy corners) are not meant to hold 20+ pounds.

Sadly, her forehead took the brunt of this lesson. Okay, it really looked much worse in person! Thank goodness for "ice" (or frozen sesame seeds). She wanted these on her forehead for days afterwords.

Harrison's accident was also caused by impatience and over zealousness for Christmas things! His was not stockings, but cookies for Santa.

He was really excited to smell the cookies when they came out of the oven. Even though I had just warned him that the cookie sheet was still VERY hot, he got too close and burned his chin on the rim. I actually didn't even realize it had happened (he probably didn't cry because he knew he hadn't listened!) until I noticed that he kept rubbing his chin and asked me if my chin hurt. Then I saw the blister. Which eventually scabbed over, as you can see here. Over a month later, there's still a faint scar. "Santa" really enjoyed the cookies, but I don't know it that's worth it! I guess it just adds to the Samurai look.

So, short and to the point might not be my forte, but at least I thought of a title that pulls it all together, right? :)


Nash said...

i'm glad there are others who like to go on and on.
i am not one who can say things in just a few words.
although my husband sure wishes i could. he likes to give me a hard time because he keeps it short and to the point.
cute post.

Luisa said...

I had those same Christmas PJs for my kids 4 years ago was it?

The Harrisons said...

Those are cute stockings! Did you make them or buy them (the ones on either end)?

Sue Sparks said...

Michelle, Thanks for the instruction on moving the "live traffic feed!" It worked!
P.S. Cute kids and cute cookies:)

trishanna said...

im just waiting for the day when one of my kids pull on thier stocking only to recieve a big bonk on the head(which they probably deserved)