Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

Valentine's Day has always been a favorite of mine because 1)it's so close to my b-day 2)it's all about love 3)I love hearts and red and pink 4) I love candy and chocolate!

Side Note: Remember growing up that a select few kids dropped a conversation heart or two into the envelope of their Valentine or taped a piece of chocolate on the outside? It's crazy how it has come to a whole new level. Now it's the norm to have candy and usually more than just some little thing. I would have LOVED that when I was a kid.

Oh and my kids had all of Harrison's Valentine candy from school eaten by 7 AM the following morning. Nice breakfast.

Anyway, I got a nice waffle maker from Williams & Sonoma for my wedding, but being the forward thinker that I am, I exchanged it for the heart shaped one. Now we get to have heart waffles for Valentine's Breakfast (or any other time we feel like having waffles). This year, I also added homemade buttermilk vanilla syrup to the tradition. (If you've ever had breakfast at Magleby's Fresh, it's that recipe. I had tried to figure it out several times (to no avail) and then my friend Shauna had it and I was thrilled!) I put red food coloring in the syrup and it was a big hit!

We tried pouring it on and then decided it'd be better to dip it in! (Thanks Kell, for the heart ramekins!)
For lunch, Harrison got heart shaped sandwiches which he really loved! Harrison had fun at his first ever Primary activity, which was a Valentine's Day Party. We've either been out of town or spaced the other ones, even though he's been in for over a year.

And for Valentine's Dinner our tradition is to get a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's. We realized this year that we have about out grown getting only one pizza.

At dinner we exchanged cards and little surprises for everyone. For the record, I got a carton of mint chip ice cream and will be getting Twilight when it comes out on DVD (my idea). Nate got a book that with fun date ides for us to do (kind of a selfish gift, I know, but we really need to work on dating more!) and some silly stuff from the dollar store. Harrison got a PowerRangers coloring book and Elizabeth got pink, red and white headbands that she refuses to wear (I guess they will be mine until she comes around).

We also have this tradition that Nate started of making each other homemade cards for b-days, V-day, and Mother's/Father's Day. He does his on the computer (and they are always clever and funny) and I usually do mine crafty-like. I've done a few on the computer, but I'm not very good at it. This year, mind opened backwards and the inside was upside down, despite that fact that I truly tried to think it out and get it right. I just left it because I figured it was good reflection of my lack of computer skills. Nate was cute and asked if it was a Japanese card (their books open the opposite way of ours!) Too bad we didn't get a picture of me and my Valentine together. He's pretty cute.

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