Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Year's Eve and Day

We spent the holidays at Nate's parents house in Alpine, UT. On New Year's Eve we ate lots of yummy food (as always). Then Nate's mom did a little Japanese cultural lesson on New Year's Traditions. New Year's is THE holiday in Asia, so it would be the equivalent of explaining Christmas traditions non-Westerners. I requested that she do another one when my kids are old enough to pay attention and understand more (instead of bothering their cousins as Harrison is doing below. . .)

Here are three generations listening to Obaachan. Notice the towel around Nate's Dad's neck. That is a very common sight!

She taught us about the Animal Calendar (Year of the Sheep, Monkey, etc.) We all figured out which animal we were and Auntie Becky made a master list of every one's birthdays (all 36 family members).

Obaachan lead the kids in a traditional game that was kind of like pin the tail on the donkey, except it was all of the facial features on the face. Here's Harrison checking out how he did. Not too shabby!The kids love to take bubble baths in the big bath tub. Bubbles help with the modesty issue! Even though I stayed up past midnight every night on this trip, I couldn't make it on New Year's Eve. I fell asleep with 15 minutes to spare and they woke me up for the count down. A quick New Year's kiss and I went right back to sleep. I did get up again for toast later, one sip of bubbly (sparkling pear juice, mind you) and right back to sleep again! On New Year's Day we all (lots of extended family from both Nate's Mom and Dad's sides) went ice skating at the Olympic Oval. I was a little star struck that I was skating where Apollo Ono skated (I became a fan when he was Julianne Hough's partner on Dancing With the Stars).
Skating with Nate reminded me of the first time we went in December of '96 (12 years ago!). That was the first time we held hands. It was VERY exciting! I tell ya, I miss those days of twiderpation and budding romance!

They let you push strollers on the ice (a fabulous idea for baby purposes and people-who-took-an-ice-skating-class-at-BYU-but-still-can't-skate-well purposes!)
Our niece Sydni and her fiance Nych (who were both fine at skating, but just wanted to be nice) took Elizabeth around several times and actually put her to sleep for a decent nap!

Thank goodness they had these walker type thing for the kids. Harrison was a little frustrated at first, but he got better with time.

He spent a lot of time like this, but thankfully kept on smiling!

I love that little guy!

For the record we went to Nate's Uncle Ma-chan's that night for the big annual New Year's Day Feast with all sorts of relatives! Great food and company.



Sue Sparks said...

Love the little faces peeking out of the bubbles:)

JoMama said...

I loved all the tradition with celebrating the New Year!

Happy New Year to you!