Friday, February 20, 2009

Sick and Tired

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired (and having kids who are too)
Let's sum up this week since I got sick on Monday, noon-thrity-ish
(yes, it came on that suddenly)
Times I've left the house: 2
Total amount of time gone: 3 1/2 hours
Times showered: 1
Lounge outfits worn: 5 (I keep thinking that the ones from yesterday have germs on them and I might reinfect myself -- I guess this logic doesn't pertain to the germs living on my body that I have not washed off. . .)
Days Harrison went to school: 1
Nights I've been in bed by 8 PM: 2
Mornings I've stayed in bed past 8 AM: 5
Times I had to call Kaiser to try to get appointments: 3
Key word: TRY -- apparently Kaiser not only forbids patients from directly calling the Dr's office and making an appt., they also decide for you on the phone whether or not you're really sick enough to warrant an office visit. (Maybe when I feel better I'll be grateful they saved me two co-pays plus a prescription or two, but I kind of like the "You've suffered for 5 days? By all means, let's get you on an antibiotic" approach.)
Times I took 2 tsp. of Nyquil instead of 2 tbsp. and lay there wondering why I wasn't sleepy and why my fever wasn't breaking: 1
Really fun birthday parties thrown in my honor: 1 (more on that later)
Time I've asked Harrison to stop terrorizing Elizabeth: Whatever at least once every 5 minutes times 5 days is
Hours we've watched TV/Movies: Way too many to count, it's really quite sad
Highest Temperatures: Harrison 104.4, Me: 103.7, Elizabeth: 101.7 (or was it 102.7? That was Sunday and it's all becoming a blur)
Things I've checked off my huge to do list (that's in my head) for New Beginning's that is in 5 days: 0
Real meals I've prepared for my poor family: 0
Pounds lost due to having NO appetite (that's when I REALLY know I'm sick): 3
I guess there are some perks.
Cutest things Harrison said about sickness:
-"Mommy, you can't go to your party, you'll get all your friends sick." (Hopefully not true - I prayed for a miracle). "Remember to cover your mouth if you cough. . . a few minutes later. . . Mommy, don't forget all the things I told you and be nice to your friends."
-In a prayer: "Please bless Mommy to get feeling better and please bless me to be able to take care of everyone in my family."
Sorry for the pity party.
Arg, why won't Blogger put the spaces in my post???


Nash said...

oh michelle.
i know how you feel.
the day i don't hear any of my kids cough, even once will be THE day.
so sick of it.
i hope you get better FAST.

Melissa said...

This is so sad! I can't believe you're all so sick! I hope you get better soon!

Jenni C. said...

I'm SO sorry!! I had no idea! I feel bad that I've fallen off the face of the earth while my mom has been in town. What can I do to help? Please call me and let me know. I feel so bad that you are so miserable. I hope you are feeling better really soon. Again...let me know what I can do to help!!

Megan B said...

Oh, MIchelle, I hate sick weeks! They are so discouraging and miserable! I hope you get feeling better soon!!

sarah said...

We have been dealing with the same stuff over here. I am so tired of it. I feel like I am up 10 times a night....that makes for a cranky Mom. Today all of the kids seem well for church, but I am dreading the idea of taking them and having them catch the next cold/flu/illness. Hope you guys get over it soon!

Welsch Family said...

Oh, I hope you are feeling better! Your heart shaped cookies look so yummy! Magelby's Fresh breakfast is the best! You might just need to share that syrup recipie! Well, I hope you feel better soon and that you don't stress too much about New beginnings! Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!