Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh, Edward!

We just went to see Twilight and I have been bitten by the bug all over again. All the feelings I had when I read it 2 1/2 years ago came rushing back and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! It is just so fun to live vicariously through the characters, namely the 17 year old girl who is swept off her feet by a gorgeous, practically perfect guy. I seriously felt my heart go pitter-patter several times and thought, if I were a teenage girl, I would probably keel over and die right now. Thankfully, I am a happily married woman who can take these giddy feelings home to her husband! TMI?
So here's my review for anyone who wants it: I have to say that when they cast that guy from Harry Potter as Edward I was EXTREMELY disappointed. He was just not beautiful enough. But once I saw him in the movie, my feelings changed. He definitely cut the mustard, so to speak. There were a handful of parts that were pretty awkward (like when he first caught Bella's scent and looked like he was having a sudden attack of explosive diarreah). The special effects were distractingly low budget and some of the characters were totally not right (Rosalie and Jasper -- could finding gorgeous blondes in Hollywood really be that difficult?) I couldn't believe they left out the blood typing scene and the part where he kisses her in her hospital bed and her heart rate monitor starts beeping (or all the other kissing parts for that matter -- come on, 2 kissing parts simply wasn't enough). But overall, I was very pleasantly surprised. I did not have very high expectations, because I loved the book so much and didn't think the movie could measure up. The book is definitely better, but I did enjoy the movie. Quite. A. Bit. (as Stephenie would write it).
So here are some pictures of the big event. Since this summer, I had been planning on buying fangs and getting a group together to go see it. (I know they don't really have fangs, but the idea was too fun to pass up for literary integrity). So, I bought two packs of fangs at Halloween and have been saving them ever since. I invited all the girls from our ward and got a good sized group together. Everyone who came got one of these.
Nate (knowing there is usually a method to my madness) asked what the Red Vines symbolized. I said I just wanted something red, blood red. But the Hot Tamales definitely symbolized Edward's hotness.
Here we all are in the theater sporting our fangs.
Here we are after the movie. We stood right outside the theater and discussed for quite a while. Then we went to Costa Vida, which I must say was a bit sub par tonight. The sweet pork was not very sweet. Oh well, I still stuffed my face. I guess I really worked up an appetite waiting an hour an half for them to finally kiss.
Lastly, here is my sweet friend, Aujelle, and I. She didn't read the books until the last few weeks, so her obsession is still very new and very intense. She and I had special shirts. Hers was really fancy with diamonds and said, "Dazzled by Edward." Mine was very homemade and said, "Bite Me." (I stole the idea from my sister, Laura - I found it to be quite funny and hope that no one thought less of me for it). It was much easier to read in person. So that was our night. It really was fun. I'm looking forward to three more fun girls' nights outs for the next three movies and some sweet dreams tonight!


John & Shauna said...

Too bad for your husband who watching the BYU game, huh? Thanks for getting us all together and for the cute treat bag. A fun night for sure! I loved your review.

Anonymous said...
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Koenig Family Blog said...

So fun! I forgot to mention to you after the movie- they were eating red vines when they were at the beach- la playa...Thanks for a fun night!

Melissa said...

I agree with you about Rosalie and Jasper. Way not good-looking enough (I'm not being shallow. I'm just trying to be faithful to their descriptions in the book). I can't wait for the next movie!

Tiffany said...

I had so much fun!! Thanks for organizing it all, and your treat bags were so cute!

Christensen's said...

Am I the only female on this planet who has not read this book???