Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Family Day of Fun

Halloween was one of Nate's Fridays off, so we had a full family day of fun. We started at the Denver Children's Museum's Trick or Treat Street. We have a pass to the museum, so it was a fun thing to do that didn't cost anything extra. Harrison was a little freaked out about going up to the little houses to trick or treat. Elizabeth didn't feel that great, so she was a little out of it, but still into the trick or treating. There were pumpkins lying around and I took it upon myself to pile them up so we could get our traditional "piles of pumpkins" pictures. Definitely not the same as Avila Barn, but better than nothing.

Like I said, Elizabeth was a little out of sorts, so we couldn't get her to focus on anything but that leaf. After trying for a LONG time, we got one smile out of her.

Harrison had been looking forward to "cutting" the pumpkin for a few days. He wanted a jack-o-lantern with three teeth, like the one on his treat bucket. We did it in a rush at the last minute. Unfortunately, that's how we do a lot of things!

Notice above and below how they are never both looking and smiling at the same time!

Elizabeth was much more into her costume this time around because she decided it was a duck, instead of a chick, and then she loved it. She still brings it to me and says, "Duck on. Hat on. Quack Quack." While trying to take the above pictures, she kept squatting down. We think she was trying to lay an egg.

Here they are with all their loot. They couldn't keep their eyes or hands off it long enough for a good picture!

Then I made them wait even longer while I sorted it all out. I used love sorting my candy as a child, but I took it a step further this year and decided to make a bar graph of sorts this year. There was by far the most candy with yellow wrappers. (I fear Nathan's statistical side is wearing off on me. Only I don't do useful things like car prices, I just do Halloween candy.)

So, then I sorted it again into stuff for me (smallest amount), stuff for the kids (medium) and stuff for Nate to hide or take to work (largest amount). My resolve has since weakened, so I have spent a fair amount of time the last few days searching for that hidden booty. I know he didn't take it to work, and I am going insane trying to find it. My long lost Kit Kats, where are you???


sarah said...

I love you Michelle! That was some seriously nice sorting! I hope you find those kit kats. Husbands can be tricky. You look so great in the pictures. It is so fun to keep in touch. Hopefully we will get together soon!

Melissa said...

O.K., I seriously think you are OCD. But in a very cute way :)

Dan and Dee said...

Loved catching up on your blog again. How funny your son lined his candy all up in a row!
Colorado seems to be a good fit for you guys! That's so great!