Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crazy Colorado Weather

So we finally got our first snow of the season on Friday. It snowed for a few hours and had melted a few hours after it stopped. Nathan was home, so he took Harrison to the neighbor's hill to practice snowboarding. Harrison had improved a lot since last winter. I have pictures to post, but our computer is being weird, so I'll just put up this video for now. I love how Nate is the human version of a chair lift. He did it over and over. That's a father's love for you (of his child and snowboarding).

Here's a shorter clip of him doing it even better.

So, the crazy thing about the weather is that 4 days after it snowed, we had a record high of 78 yesterday and then tomorrow it's supposed to be 35! I actually love the variety and how it keeps things interesting. Unfortunately, I think the up and down has messed with my body, I feel like I'm coming down with something.


sarah said...

So fun! I am excited to see some snow again for Christmas. I am so glad you guys are teaching Harrison while he is young. He will be an amazing snowboarder if Nate has anything to do with it! And to answer your question, no more baby talk on this end. Every once in a while we think back to those times and laugh! You are right So funny!

JoLee said...

So I've been stalking your blog for a little while, but now I am going to come out. Hi Michelle. Hi Nate. It's nice to see what your family is up too. I can certainly get behind you on the crazy Colorado weather thing (grew up in Colorado Springs.) I remember going running one morning in December in shorts and a t-shirt and then that afternoon it snowed.