Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Gwennie Bear!

Today my niece, Gwenneth Anne Harrison, turned 4 years-old.
Gwen was born 4 months after Harrison and they have been best buddies ever since (except for the first year at the beach where all he did was pull her hair the whole time!) They have so much fun together, and we look forward to seeing her every time we go to Virginia. We just wish they lived closer, so we could see them all the time.
Gwen is a very sweet girl. She is a great big sister to Emi and a good helper. She eats all sorts of good foods and has always been a good sleeper. She has a very fun-loving personality and she loves Princess Things . Gwen has the most bea-u-ti-ful eyes and a smile that lights up her whole face. She has a hair cut just like mine. Quite stylin' for a little girl. Unfortunately, I don't have any recent pictures on this computer. So, we'll take a trip down memory lane.

This hands over the mouth pictures is such a Gwen face. She gets so excited about things.


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