Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

The older the kids get, the more fun Father's Day is. It started Thursday when we went to get Nate the "brown tie with power stripes" that he requested. (I love that he made it so easy to know just what to get him!). I told Harrison not to tell Daddy that we got him a present. Well, the minute Nate pulled in from work and got out of the car Harrison yelled, "Daddy, we got you a present. It's a tie!" (I guess it really wasn't a surprise anyway, but still). So for the card, I stole and idea from my sister-in-law, and asked Harrison a bunch of questions about Daddy. It was a huge hit. Nate really loved it and was shocked that Harrison had come up with all of the answers on his own and knew his Dad so well.

Harrison’s Interview About Daddy for Father’s Day 2008

Q; What is Daddy’s favorite color?
A: Purple. Ow, my leg is hurting.

Q: What does Daddy like to do?
A: Works

Q: What does Daddy think is fun?
A: Basketball

Q: What do you like to do with Daddy?
A: I like him to shoot hoops with me.

Q: What is special about Daddy?
A: He’s special that he loves you.
OK, talk about that I love Sissie.

Q: How do you know that Daddy loves you?
A: Daddy loves me that I’m giving him hugs and kisses.
I love him playing video games with him.

Q: What does Daddy do that makes you laugh?
A: He says, What the heck to me, and I say,
What the heck to him. I like that. That makes me funny.

Q: Is Daddy handsome?
A: He’s kind of yucky and kind of handsome.

Q: What do you do that makes Daddy happy?
A: Help him with dishes, help him clean up, and help me listen to him.

Q: What makes Daddy upset?
A: When I hit Sissie.

Q: What is Daddy really good at?
A: Listening to me, taking my temperature when I’m sick,
helping me go potty, and cleaning up the kitchen.

Q: What is Daddy’s favorite thing to eat?
A: He loves to eat Japanese things.

Q: What does Daddy like to watch on TV?
A: Basketball, Football, Baseball

Q: What makes you look like Daddy?
A: I have spiky hair.

Q: How does Daddy feel about Heavenly Father and Jesus?
A: He loves them.

As you can tell, that was all word for word. So, later on Nate and Harrison matched for church with blue shirts and brown striped ties. Elizabeth wore purple in honor of Daddy's favorite color.

We ended the day with one of Nate's favorite dinners (Korean BBQ) and a giant tie-shaped rice krispy. (Also, supposed to be a surprise, but the as soon as Nate walked in from Sunday morning meetings Harrison said, "Dad, we made you ricepy krispies.")

We really are so lucky to have a fun, hands-on Dad who is very helpful and loving!


Jordan Merrell said...

Your blog is so cute! I love your background and I can't believe how big your kids are.

SUP3RH3R0 said...

I like the blog. You're doing great. Keep them coming. Harrison is too young to keep secrets. It is a good thing.

Jenni C. said...

So, you will have to read my post about father's day to see how completely lame I am. I'm still feeling guilt to this day. Also, I read your post from Feb. and this will be one of those things that you spend way too much time doing. It's a little addicting....I never feel that it's a thing on my list that I need to do.....I just always want to be looking and blogging! Good luck! You better get addicted too...then we will have one more thing to talk about. Not that we need any help!!